Andy Green F.T Roberto – Verdant Session 010 (July 2017)



Polar Inertia /Can We See Well Enough to Move On? (D3mented)
Umwelt /Structure Noir (Mosaique)
Holovr /Hillriser (Likemind)
Force_Emerge /Lumi (Counterchange)
S Moreira /Beyond Lightspeed (Slow Life)
Mosom Howieson /III (Silent Season)
PGRJ TELM /Calmclav (Vignêre)
Blindr /Fiction (Silent Season)
Imax /Concorde (E c h o s p a c e [Detroit])
Antigone /Artefakt (Token Records)
Unknown /Assembly Line (Grounded in Humanity)
Lima /Fluid Identity (Edit Select Remix) (Substrata Records)
Sonitus Eco /Continuum (Edit Select Remix) (Silent Season)
Odes to the Katabians /Varvosie III (Silent Season)

Tessela /Diving (Polykicks)
Zadig /Tape 1 (Construct Reform)
Roberto /Tiziani (Sterac AKA Steve Rachmad Remix) (Fossil Archive)
Markus Suckut /Shibuya Crossing (SCKT)
Polar Inertia /Sonic Outlaws (Field)
#.4.26. /Mages (Frozen Border)
Roberto & Jamie Anderson /Billingsella (Fossil Archive)
Avalon Emerson /The Frontier (Whities)
Ron Trent /Altered States (Armando’s Warehouse Mix) – Djax-Up Beats
Parallel 9 /Technic (A.r.t.Less)
Roberto /Velatus (Fossil Archive)

RV800 /Lost Reality (Verdant Recordings)
Ed Davenport /Studies (Counterchange)
Fanon Flowers /Mode 8 (A.r.t.Less)
Tyche – Annealed – Wondering
ASC /Immersion (Silent Season)
Objekt /The Stitch Up (Stitch Up)