Andy Green – Sideways Session 006 – June 2017

Earthen Sea /The Sky Is A Sea of Darkness (Silent Season)
Sven Weisemann / Xine Light & Xine Rising (Wandering)
Andy Stott /Long Drive (Modern Love)
Larry Heard /25 Years from Alpha (BlackMarket Records)
Recondite /Robur (Plangent)
Vakula /Will Soon Be There (Firecracker)
Jose Rico /Orion (Future Reaction)
Ignorance Is Bliss (Healing Force Project Remix) (Firecracker)
Parallax Beat Brothers /Exhalation (Sprinkles Deep Breath MIx) (Mule Music)
Mathimidori /Ame Ga Furu (Dub) (Mule Music)
Jeremy /So Peaceful (Driftwood)