Andy Green – Verdant Session 015 (Jan 2018 )


here Jello /Vamilaglade (Peacefrog)
Conforce /Closer (Delsin)
Louis Haiman /After (Indigo Æra)
Vectorvision vs Convextion /Zyclone (Legwork)
Other People Place /LIfestyles of the Casual (Warp)
Cygnus /Radical Interfaces (CPU)
S Crosbie /Abstract Science (Dark Arts)
Slowburn /Bladerunning (Elektrosouls)
Mick Welch /Mind Force (AMR)
Alex Danilov /Sundays (Mysterious Russian Soul)
Brad P /Take You There (inner Shift Music)
Lisiere Collectif /Q_1910_15 (LSR)
Primary Perception /Distorted Information (Slowlife)
Traumer /Depechez (Exos Remix) (Berg Audio)
Roberto /Chord Recall (Peveralist Remix) (Solar Phenomena)
Olin /B2 Oline 01 (Boundary Monument)
Havantepe /Hollow Ghost (Alienus)
Zippo + Hiver /7 November (FIDES)
Mohloa /Vector (Silent Season)
Giorgio Gigli /Low Earth Orbit (Mental Groove Ltd)
Nax Acid /Synthetic Nature (Aconito Records)
Leo Anibaldi /untitled (ACV)
Terrace /Velocity (D:Tuned)
Kirk DeGiorgio /The Infinite Tether (Ferox)
Robert Leiner /Aqua Viva (Apollo