Andy Green – Verdant Session – May 2018

Plant43 /The Toll Gate (Eudemonia)
Versalife /The Dark Society (Abstract Forms)
Diffuse Arc /Zygnus (Caus+ica Waveform)
Autechre /Further (Warp)
Automatic Tasty /Symbol (Lunar Disko)
Amorphous Androgenous /Swab (Quigley)
DJ Overdose /Housing The House (Lunar Disko)
Silicon Scally /Projections (CPU)
Mihail P /Ocean Estate (Distant Worlds)
Z.I.P.P.O & Hiver /Singularity (Fides)
ESB /Phayse Distance (Verdant Recordings)
d’Marc Cantu /SEG [Larry Heard Atmospheric Mix] (Altered Moods Recordings)
Ajukaja /Stranger (Porridge Bullet/Pudru Kuul)
Wavescape /L74 [Russ Gabriel Remix] (Murge Recordings)
John Shima /Discreet (Exalt Records)
Sleep D & Albrecht L’Brooy /from 50 (Butter Sessions)
Arktapes /?????? (Arktapes)
Mark Ambrose /Warehouse Blues (Crayon)
Ohm & Kvadrant /Grib (Æ Recordings)
Ohrwert /Blavus [XDB Reshape] (Greyscale)
Feral /West Cliff (Hypnus)
Wata Igarashi /Outburst (The Bunker New York)
Son.Sine /An Island (Nurture)
Modugroove /Infrastructure (Modugroove)
Levon Vincent /Kissing (Novel Sound)
KAS:ST /Reveries of the Solitary Walker (Flyance Records)
Russ Gabriel /Viernes (Calder City Development Corp.)
Stojche /Matrix (Artless)