Andy Green – Verdant Sessions (April 2019)

O.utlier /SuperOperator (Appian Sounds)
Rai Scott /Paradise Crane [Valentino Mora Remix] (Church)
Sirko Müller /Affinity (Verdant Recordings – Out Soon)
Owain K /Pixelated Scenery (Innate Records)
Chris Gray /Brink of Insanity (Pulp)
Frank & Tony /Pavane (Scissor & Thread)
Area /Forget How(Sound & Object)
Leeon /C’s Maiden Journey (7th Sign)
Ghosts of the Sky /Clouded Remorse (God Particle)
Samo /untitled (Threads)
HVL /Continuum (Organic Analogue)
Lisiere Collectif /S-2204-15 (LSR)
Tominori Hosoya /Strider Practice (Bucket Round)
DB /??????? (???????)
Scsi-9 /Phaetron (200)
Malin Genie /Coronal Loop (malin Genie)
Maurizio /M7 (Maurizio)
remote_ /Isolate[For Pav] (Meanwhile)
Tob Jona /Adiabatic (Artless)
NIcuri /She Knows I know (Sound Theory)
Hiver /Air Castles (Curle)
Aos /Violent Light (Second Nature)
Jeigo /Pearl Leaf(Valby Rotary)

VR – April 2019