Andy Green – Verdant Sessions – (Aug 2018)


Woob /Odonna (Em:t)
Francis Harris /Plays_Play (Scissor and Thread)
Albrecht La’Brooy /Banksia (Butter Sessions)
Miruga /Predic (4 Real Records)
FP Oner /The Law or Correspondence (Mule Musiq)
Aybee / Metamorphosis (Deepblak)
Linkwood /Nae Drama (NIght Theatre)
Ernie /Black and White (Contrast Wax)
H.O.M /Feldspar (H.O.M)
Pjotr /Waves from the Past (Ethereal Sound)
Harrison BDP /Finality (Piff Records)
Kirsty Hawkshaw /Fine Day [James Holden remix] (Mainline)
Donnacha Costello /Grape B (Minimise)
Aaron Carl /Crucified [XDB Edit] (Millions of Moments)
Harrison BDP /Confusion of Sound (Piff Records)
AC exp /Untitled (AC Exp)
Thor /Insanity Dub (Thule Records)
Gauss /Schwarzgerät (Gauss)
Bas Amro /Languor (Oblique Music)
Cyspe /Nexus (Rhythm Büro)
Crossing Avenue /Laguna (Spazio Disponsible)
Alfredo Mazzilli /Azurite (ARTS Collective)