Andy Green – Verdant Sessions (Dec 2018)

ASC /Departure (Auxiliary)
Cladio PRC /Swirling In The Infinity (The Gods Planet)
Justin Cudmore /Twisted Love (Phonica White)
Surgeon /Sleep[Ultra Violet] (Dynamic Tension)
Tony Allen & Jeff Mills /Locked & Loaded (Blue Note)
Monolake /Cray (Imbalance Computer Music)
G-Man /Skiz (Beautiful)
Sterac /Darkness (100% Pure)
Robet Hood /Drive [Ø Phase Cbox Mi] (Music Man)
Red Planet /Windwalker (Red Planet)
Delano Smith /Feel This [Odyssey] (Sushitech)
Keith Worthy /Aesthetic Track (Aesthetic Audio)
Convextion /Miranda (Matrix)
Deepchord Presents Echopspace /Untitled (Modern Love)
Dakini 9 /The Weight of Disbelief (Plan 😎
Nicuri /Outflight (yygrec)
Amir Alexander /Idiot Savant (Vanguard Sound)
Armando /Confusion Track 1 (Westbrook Records)
Hinode /Cubic Parsec (Helena)
Leonid /Cant Stop (Freebeat)
Banfield Audio /Waves From Detroit (Monochromatic)
Stojche /Decipher Language (Verdant Recordings)
Sirko Müller /Affinity [RV800 Bmax Hyperbole (Verdant Recordings Unreleased)
Estrato Aurora /Disambiguation (Station Shiva Records)
Low Tape /Acid Pathway (Zyntax Motor City)
SR & KdG /Tri-Order Descent (Firescope)
As One /Mihara (Garage Hermetique)
Deniro /Epirus (Tape)
Orbe /Keppler 438 (Coherence)
Antigone /Perchance to Dream (Token Belgium)
Aos /What_why (Second Nature)
Miles Atmospheric /Grace (Atmospheric Existence)
ASC /Arrival (Auxilliary)