Animistic Beliefs – Molucca Quake EP (Cultivated Electronics)

Reviewed by: Neil Martin

CE is back with another feast of electro goodness from Rotterdam duo Animistic Beliefs. Five cuts of the real, including a remix of the title track by the masters that are The Exaltics. Title track ‘Molucca Quake’ is fast and dark, crisp and piercing drums grab hold of you propelling you into outer space.

The Exaltics remix is more synth laden dance floor bliss. A storming remix guaranteed to have the floor moving. ‘Lusty toad’ drops the tempo slightly but there is no let up in the electronic goodness. A subtly acidic feel to the bass line and another track to lose yourself in.

‘Resquenced DNA’ does as the name suggests, take you on a trip deep into yourself. This is a serious slice of electronics that would serious damage to you cranium in the club. Solid.

Closing out the release is ‘Virgin Circuit’ and would you be surprised to read it is another storming slice of electro. What I like about these folks is how yes you can here influences but these are expertly crafted jams of original sounds and grooves equally as good as any of their influences.

Here is another CE outing of proper electro and electronics, as always. And Animistic Beliefs continue to solidify their reputation as a name to follow closely as their output continues to impress and excite.