Carlton Doom – Dungeon Funk EP (Neutralizer)

Review by: Neil Martin

I found myself quite intrigued when I was sent this over to check out and review. Not only is it a new label but I was interested to see what Keith and friends wanted to share with us. And to be honest I was quite surprised but in the best way.


Whoever Carlton Doom is then he knows his George Clinton from Theresa May, and with each listen I like this more and more. This is something fresh for our ears and no doubt those cats up North at DABJ knew this too when getting involved. Think Marc E and George stuck in that famous elevator and you should get some idea.



The first track is some deftly produced and as the title suggests ‘Dungeon Funk’. Complete with a rich bass line full of warmth and a tempo that makes it all the more interesting. Oh and did I mention the synth work? This is indeed proper. Next up ‘Frankenflexxx’ sucks us further into Carlton’s dungeon, what’s not to like? I honestly have no idea where this sort of music would get played but I think it would be a fun place to visit, more serious grooves and synths.


This dude knows how to play. ‘Axid’ is sort of acidic, picking the tempo up slightly and maybe just a bit more familiar in terms of production which includes layer upon layer of electronic funk. This makes me think of Amp Fiddler too in a way and some of his directions. Finally there is ‘Dance at my party’ which is sort of a freaky Cajmere kind of affair but in a fresh and relevant way. Best that you check to see what I mean.



All in all, if, like me, you know Keith as a Detroit electro specialist then I recommend you check this out and trust in the vision on offer. While we all wonder who Carlton Doom is and where his funk filled dungeon exists.