Corp – Time Out (Spaziotempo) SPTM002

Reviewed By: Matt Sever

Forthcoming on new label Spaziotempo – Corp – Time Out.

Where We Met is an Italian label based in Venice run by Ricardo Piazza and Re-Up, Italian House/Techno DJ’s and producer duo Alberto Leonardi and Omar Mazzon. The label has had releases from Reedale Rise, Derek Carr, Mihail P and Stu Crosbie amongst others. Re-Up also run Kina Music with the Cosmic Cowboys and mysterious label Threads. Spaziotempo is a sublabel of Where We Met and the above marks the second release on this new label.

There is not much info about Corp, other than he was born and is based in Madrid and he is a DJ and Producer, prior to his debut on Spaziotempo he has released on Berlin based Libertine Records.

The EP kicks off with XTC, electronic spacey, drawn out stabs, get layered with fast paced bleeps. Next the four/four kick, followed quickly by claps, and then an almost rave like breakbeat percussion in the background. Then a pulsing, rolling bassline comes in bringing it all together. The track drops, builds, deconstructs and then comes back together perfectly, some atmospheric pads add some emergency to the track. Definitely one for the dancefloor.

Neurotic starts with the classic four/four kick, again surround by a breakbeat like percussion, then a spaced out, deep acid like bass comes in. Almost eerie pads surround the militant beat and the hypnotic bassline. Melodic beeps come in before a well-executed drop and build see out the rest of the track.

On to the flip side we have Trip to the Underworld. This starts with what sounds like a broken beat over a four/four, frantic percussion soon follows. Stabs fight each other every four bars, then another rave like break kicks in over the top. Next a low analogue sounding bassline bounces in and around the track. Some really nice percussion changes keep the energy of the track flowing and building. Love it.

Lastly the EP rounds off with Re-Active. This starts with an electro like 808 sounding kick, and robotic stab. Then the 80’s percussion, weird vocal sample, and mysterious pads. This is awesome and my favourite track of the EP. A wicked tough electro dancefloor cut. At 1:52 when that bass kicks in – amazing.

All in all, a solid release from Corp, four great, tough dancefloor cuts, all with energy and groove. A great second release from Spaziotempo. I shall be keeping my eye on them!