Dan Piu – Tru Time and Ages Childhood Intelligence (2×12” LP

Review by: Neil Martin

The fifth release on the excellent CI imprint arrives in the shape of an album spread across two 12’s. Within this release is a cross section of styles showcasing the talents of Dan Piu. Touching on Techno, House and beyond, though the under pinning theme in them all is a real forward sense of Detroit.



‘From times to ages’ sets us out on this journey into sound and is a real mood setting piece of ambience. ‘Incarnation of a myth’ is suitably warm and deep giving us an idea of what this release is all about. ‘Eukelade’ has a real classic feel to it, especially with the chords drawing us further in as it grooves along. ‘Demain’ is full of light, positive vibes and acid.


‘Taygete’ is once again providing a classic feel but delivering it nice and freshly, this one keeps on giving more with each listen. Tip. ‘Infantil’ is seriously sweet electronics, with a kind of laid back electro feel and an almost divine bass line. More heat.


‘Tsar time’ just flips the whole release on its head with some seriously forward jungle vibes. As my mate Damo B would say, ‘propoh’. If you caught the recent Linkwood jam ‘Fresh Gildans’ then you know what I am talking about here. Dan Piu treating us to the good stuff, hand made electronics of the finest variety.


Leading us nicely onto ‘Syllagar’ which is quite something all on its own, the sort of fresh vibe that keeps us all enthralled with this underground electronic music we all love. ‘Sherry and aftersun’ closes out this release in a suitably delightful manner.


Dropping the tempo whilst maintaining the highest standard of quality, this is the perfect way to end this release of stellar electronics.

A thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring release that you need to own.