Dark Matrix – Gravity Wave (Childhood Intelligence)

Reviewed By: Mihail P :
Dark Matrix are a duo from Chicago comprising of Big Mike T and Kenny Gino, who recorded under many monikers along the years, some of them are: Ghetto Godfathers, Le Soul Mediques, Black Ops, Cozmic Jazzz Futurist.



They finally return to their Dark Matrix alias after 15 years of absence, their first and last album under this alias being released in 2002 on Losonofono Records. Childhood Intelligence is a new label from Germany run by Alexander K. Einetter, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be known widely very fast.



“This is where the Gravity Wave album will be released this coming Monday 20/11/17”

Album consists of 8 tracks, all labeled with the name Data and the corresponding number. The sound of Dark Matrix is clearly inspired by the greats of Detroit, that nostalgic futuristic techno feel that’s very present and coherent in Detroit Techno.



Tracks are very similar to each other, thus making it for a smooth journey. Every track carries a certain individual emotion. This album is a great addition to their previous album released on Losonofono Records, a very sought after album that’s being doing the rounds among some of the best underground dj’s and selectors.



So I find this album is going to be very pleasing to their fans as it’s been a while since they released anything. Electro funk, space themes, nasty 808 rhythms and tender pads caressing your ears, all this can be heard in these tracks.



Starting from Data 03 with it’s ethereal pads and robotic bass line drifting your soul away to new planets, to Data 06 (Beat) where you can hear some of the most emotional strings ever played combined with the clever programming of the drums, 3 min 25 sec doesn’t do justice to this track.



I think. All the tracks sound engaging in one way or another, some of the tracks touch the deeper sides of the electronic spectrum of sounds while others are certainly aimed for the dance floor. It’s definitely an album that will stay close to your heart and ears, requesting many late night listens. It’s an album as much for the soul as it is for the feet.



I wanna give props to Alexander K. Einetter, the man behind Childhood Intelligence for finding them and bringing them back to the spot light once again for this wonderful album.