Darren Nye – Emotional Intelligence (Firescope Records)

Reviewed By: Mihail P.
I don’t think many people are familiar with Darren Nye’s music as of yet, but that’s all about to change this Wednesday when the EP is going to be released on Steven Rutter’s label Fire Scope (UK). I’ve been following Darren’s musical adventure for a while now, although he has been in the game for a lot longer, making music since the mid 90s.

He definitely coined his sound trademark back then listening to the greats such as B12, Stasis, As One, Terrace and labels like Ferox and Likemind. We also became really good friends in the past months and I feel very blessed to call Darren my friend.



Darren opens the A side of the record with the track ‘Things She Said’, as you can tell from the title of the track, and all other tracks this EP is really personal for Darren, pouring all his emotions into a stellar package of an EP.



Things She Said starts with lovely dreamy pads in the background accompanied with some fantastic arp work, soft synth and a bass to die for. Usual Darren signature on the drums too, bit of flanger here and there, everything perfectly executed.



2nd track, Emulated Emotion starts really deep, a floating pad, 808 drums played as they should. Later on, Darren introduces us to a lovely bass line that he automated perfectly to sit well in the mix giving a proper drive to the whole track.



Track has really great depth, flawless attention to detail, and great layering of the sounds. Can I have more of B12 vitamins please?



Plasmid Soul starts really Kraftwerkish, got that old school feel to it, proper electro with more wisely programmed pads by Mr. Nye, giving us a wide range of tasty frequencies from Darren’s own palette of sounds. Really like the play of reverb here, gives a perfect space in the track, making all the sounds prominent and clear.



Fragments really remind me of Crc aka Michael Diekmann productions on Myon’s now defunct label Heliocentric Music. Proper machine funk.



Intergalactic pads played to perfection by Darren, I love the square bass line, very playful and cheerful, puts a smile on your face immediately.



The synth that drops in at around the minute mark really puts the track into the spotlight. Another great track by Darren, although a bit too short for my taste, it yet is able to convey the emotions and let Darren say what he has to say in this track.

Disconnected Reality is the perfect closer to this EP. Has a really nostalgic feel, like how you feel after a big absencet from home. It’s a great track for an after hour play.



That signature of melancholic strings & pads is what I like most about Darren’s music. Very emotive journey, and I think Darren really shows us how he can connect his soul & heart with the music he writes, no obstacles in the process, just pure techno soul coming from the man.



I’m definitely going to play this one a lot as it’s my favorite from the EP. If you are searching a way to disconnect yourself from the reality for a short while, then this is the track for you.



At the end, I think people will cherish this record a lot, as it has all the right ingredients for a lot of repeated listens. It is definitely a tribute to the masters of 90s (and some still producing today) Emotive Techno which I think a lot of people can connect with. It’s music for the soul.