Erell Ranson – Artificial Paradise EP ( Distant Worlds 006)

Reviewed by Roger Versey

Coming all the way from outer space via an Earth based station in the UK, Distant Worlds is back with some fine encounters of the soulful kind courtesy of that man again, Erell Ranson with ‘Artificial Paradise’. And what a fine piece of vinyl to display amongst an already impressive curation of releases from John Shima, Derek Carr, Mihail P, and Perseus Traxx

(check lovely, in-depth reviews of those here on Timeline-Music as well ), in addition to some of the deepest mix show transmissions, hosted by well admired guest Artists and DJs….surely the promising Distant Worlds, is not only a label, but rather a sense satisfying vision- “a place in Space with much Taste”.

In a world today, where policy-bound humans act much like automatons; the Real on earth seek transmission signals that emit ancient human feelings- Taste & Soul-_-Ahh so distant in this everyday world….Erell Ranson (WhereWeMet, Deeperstate, Night Flight, Subconscious Algorythms) is the protagonist in ‘Artificial Paradise’; a purveyor of true and emotive electronics, for the mind, body, and soul -and its time to beam up into his latest ep’s first track,

‘ After the Rain’.. delight as 808 snares and claves bring in the clouds with fashion, before sharing a presence with a soulful and moody analogue bassline- with claps and hats dropping in the percussive elements shortly after. There’s also a great depth of emotive atmosphere here accomplished by an downpour of synth chords and pads that rain on the track true to the mystique in the sounds of underground mid-90s UK techno…

These elements combined with its soulful electro based drum rhythm will make you a purified human again- late on those dark blue nights, ya know- After the Rain has washed the aura of the soulless masses away from you. A deep sound full of romantic and dark undertones is created here with a only a veteran’s expertise on ‘After the Rain’ and it sets the tone for the journey through the next three tracks.

ER keeps the soulful vibes flowing strong next on the title track ‘Artificial Paradise’ – layers of bliss-transmitting synth chord arpeggios and Detroitish pad stabs permeate through a smooth mid90s Larkin influenced sequence of 808 drums-all keeping this serene affair in between the lines of techno and electro; and there’s no danger in “flanger” as it’s used heavily in this Artificial Paradise’s 808 claps and snares, for your sensual delights.

There’s even a nice drums only sequence near the tracks halfway point; real DJs will know what that’s all about..Creating auras and driving visions is the subject here, and ER does just that with ‘Artificial Paradise’; an exquisite deep jam, bound to take your mind and soul on a journey in space to that place.

Get ready for blissful D-tech on deck as we flip over to the B side of this set with the moody and sunset techno vibes of ‘No Such Thing’ …hear the echoes of Detroit as synth pads play out like soulful whistles through the track..a warm synth flows like the summer wind carrying this tracks melody to another level of deep…The backing foundation in this soulful sanctuary is the classic combo of rich golden era aura kicks layered with 808 claps and rimshots, claves and cool analogue zaps for your organic needs. Right on time for when the sun sets late, there’s No Such Thing as a dull moment in this fine transmission. Truly a deep track, this is sunglasses and sunset tech.

Signals of the deep kind continue on the fourth and final transmission, ‘Scattered Minds’…scattered synth signals emit magnetic waves from space over warm, rich bass kicks and delicate stick drums; behold the melodic, flange synth saturating the track with plenty of warmth and soul…perhaps some soulful deep techno is missin in your kitchen-…it’s ok, get some here from ER, your neighbor from Space. As the track progresses, it only gets deeper with a welcome appearance by some 808 claps and eventual snare arrangements, and masterfully timed robotic voice manipulations. Check for the cool bright synth chords at the tracks peak, and dark stabs of atmosphere underneath it all. A track that leaves a deeper meaning with each listen, Scattered Minds is quite the takeoff for this Distant Worlds Transmission.

Distant Worlds has delivered another superb transmission here by way of Erell Ranson; It’s good to see that man busy again in recent times, and ‘Artificial Paradise EP’ is a strong testament to why. ER masterfully delivers 4 tracks in the deepest vein of your rhythm system; side A has more of a soulful electro edge with UK techno aesthetics, while side B is strong with elements of deep Detroit techno at night. The result is a perfect combination of ambience and soul stimulation that all we love…Timeless tech with a taste of deep electro from the signature machine soul mastery of ER once again here on DWT’s sixth release. Exciting to hear more from him, as well as more from the eclectic and promising label Distant Worlds.

Erell Ranson’s ‘Artificial Paradise’ works at home, at deep nightclub sets, or summer nights under the stars mixed with tracks from ERP and Derek Carr…dream on if you will…

The finest dealers will have this ep in limited supply for the cool few…at this point, you already know what you have to do..

Come aboard, and Indulge in this superb craft on wax for yours to listen, brought to you by the legendary Erell Ranson and Distant Worlds Transmissions.