Erell Ranson – Many Moons Ago EP (Magnonic Signals 002)

Reviewed By: Neil Martin

After their first release of superb electronics the Magnonic Signals team return with another 12” of forward thinking, future classic tracks. Pretty much on schedule to keep the releases to bi- yearly from what I can gather allowing time to curate each release and put the appropriate distance between them so each can shine under the ‘Mag Sig’ banner that is already coming to represent what the underground has to offer in terms of rich and deftly produced electronics.

For this second release they welcome someone to the roster who has been releasing consistently great music for a good while, Erell Ranson. I first came across Errel when he put an excellent 12 out on Mick Welch’s Elektrosouls label a few years back and it is ace for me to hear that his sound is just as fresh now as it was then. The last 12 month’s have seen an acceleration in his output and this is another example of how it should be done.

‘Cold mornings’ is lush and full of soulful squelch. It is as deep as it is warm and full of space, just how I like it. ‘Look at the past’ has a slightly faster tempo and electro feel from the off. As the tune progresses more sounds are introduced giving this distinct feel of electronic fusion. Sounds to fully immerse yourself in and forget about the world around you. On the flip, title track ‘Many moons ago’ is an orgy of sounds, almost ambient if not for some well placed hi-hats and snares holding the composition together.

Finishing off this stellar 12 is ‘Starting from the bottom’ and that theme of dreamlike electronics continues to pervade this release. Staying true to the mantra of releasing quality electronic music when the artist can produce what they like as long is it excellent is working well for the team over at Magnonic Signal allowing them to support artists and get the music out there.

As a second release this is equally as impressive as the first having its own unique sound as well as ensuring that the Magnonic Signal star continues to shine brightly as we enjoy this fully whilst being full of patient anticipation for what is in store in a few months time.

If you don’t particularly identify with genres but more great electronics then you most definitely need to check this.