Erell Ranson – Subconscious Algorythms EP (SA003)

Reviewed By: Roger Versey

It’s rare to find artists who stay true to their craft and maintain if not exceed high levels of quality with longevity, Erell Ranson is a fine example…

Having delivered several proper Detroit and UK influenced techno gems for the better part of 20 years. He’s remained true to deep underground techno; that doesn’t change on his latest offering on the excellent up and coming Subconscious Algorythms, the perfect host for this cerebral occasion; 4 deep hypothalamic transmissions with the purpose of realizing the inner Detroit in you…

This deep affair begins with Sensitive Person, a proper and emotive excursion, beginning with the serenade of a moody bassline and some romantic deep atmospheric vibes, it’s not long before you’re lost in its hi-hats, kicks clicks, and driving drums. Perhaps this is for the sensitive side, for those who easily get offended when people misuse a title like deep techno…seek the proper definition with this proper lead track.

Erell Ransons excursions into the deep corners of the mind continue in quite the lush and atmospheric aesthetic that we loved from artists like Arne Weinberg, B12, and As One…”Who You Are And Who You Want To Be” is the title and reflective afterthought here after you are beamed to a place far away with its building stance and myriad of intense driving moments. Excellent track for the late nights or a classy deep house set.

The flipside keeps the emotive cognitive journey going to a place of paradise, perhaps beyond but certainly an escape from the more stressful moments in daily life. There’s plenty to embrace here from lush, soulful chords, building kicks, steamy hi-hats, the lovely 808, and futuristic filtered stabs of atmosphere throughout…think Saturday Afternoon Deep Dream Techno, and you will anticipate what the Unthinkable holds in this deep jam.

Top quality. By the fourth and final track, detachment has settled in; not from the music, but rather conscious reality. Light beam like chords saturate through Detroit laced sprinkles of tech rain, on “Nothing To Do With Me”; beware the mean and driving bassline lurking in the shadows of its 808 kicks and percussive flair.

The result is a feeling that leaves your subconscious quest for the deep highly satisfied. Erell Ranson does a fine if not perfect job of creating music that has vision and colour with SA003, and that’s why it will work on all occasions; in the kitchen, or at the bar with the brave DJ who went deep.

Its moments like this that are fondly remembered on vinyl and the mind; contact that cool dealer in your life for 4 fresh doses of soulful deep techno sounds crafted with machine love by the legendary Erell Ranson….