G-Prod / Erell Ranson – Extrasoul for you mind (Nightflight Records)

Reviewed by: Neil Martin

New, vinyl only label, Nightflight gives us their first release by two class producers.

Two very distinct styles are presented, two tracks from each producer. G-Prod brings the deep and dubby vibes whilst Erell gets all emotive and electronic for us, so all in all this is a treat for our ears.

The first cut from G-Prod ‘Tell me’ is all rich and deep house with some delightful nuances that evolves into a driving slice of dubby bliss. Next up ‘The rise of glamounja’ is slower and overtly dubby from the outset. This is deeper than deep and a definite dance floor mover. Solid.

Erell moves into more emotive territory with ‘How dare you’. This opens with some precise beats and chords to immerse yourself in. Following this are some gorgeous synths and pads. ‘We’re going deep’ keeps the electro feel with the beats and the emotive chords. More gorgeous work on the synths makes this two out of two for Erell and 100% success for the first outing on Nightflight.

Two producers of veritable standing in our community give us a sterling four track release of versatile electronics.

Definitely check as I think there will be something for everyone on this.