Glo Phase – Daylily Goddess remixes (Stasis recordings)

Reviewed By: Neil Martin

Quality imprint, Stasis, returns with an excellent remix package of one of their releases from last year. Two tracks are remixed by three producers and Glo Phase provides a fresh track to complete this interesting collection of tracks.

Title track ‘Daylily Goddess’ is given the remix treatment by Off Land who transform it into an ambient sound scape of rich electronic sounds. This a great remix that manages to retain the feel of the original in the shape of the chords yet gives it new life by removing the beat.


Diahgonal steps up next and delivers a lush and rich electronic journey. Again there are some elements of the original but equally there is plenty of fresh input to enjoy. With a sub bass that would sound great through a club system and as the track progresses some delightful synth work arrives really taking you away to another galaxy.



‘In the pale white woods’ is then given the rerub treatment by Louis Haiman who takes the original from sub aquatic House territory into a more Electro sphere, one that works lovely. A really thoughtful remix full of detail and some ace drum programming. Whilst theses remixes do stand alone as new pieces of music the overall feel of this remix package also retains that of the original release which I am impressed by.



Closing out this high quality release is a new track ‘Shared allure’ by the Glo Phase himself. He drops the tempo right down for some Hip Hop style beats and gorgeous electronics layered on top, just great to listen too.



If you are a fan to dreamy electronics, rich in detail that is more about the calibre than genre then you really need to check this out