Helen & Charlie – 50arc Sessions 002 (May 2017)

1.O.utlier, Reprise, Appian
2.Cristian Vogel, Voidster, Shitkatapult
3.Maurizio, M4.5
4.Tobias, Matthew Jonson & The Mole Remix, If, OstGut Ton
5.Merv, Dust, Styrax
6.Grimes Adhesif, Cloverlly EP, Gretta Cottage Workshop
7.Miles Sagnia, Aetherius, Aeration LP, Atmospheric Existence Recordings
8.Electrospy, Voice, Brain Coral
9.Sven Weisemann, Separate Paths EP, Delsin
10.Merv, Retention EP, Ranges
11.Pigon, The Lost Tracks 3, Dial
12.Patrice Scott, Modular One, Sistrum Recordings
13.Jesper Dahlback, The Persuader EP, Templar
14.X by X on No ‘Label’
15.Museum, Pole, MDR
16.Conforce, North To South Part 1, Delsin
17.Steve Bicknell, Modes of Thought, 6 Dimenions
18.The Swedish Naan Boys, Liebe Aura, Sand Records
19.Mike Gervais, Drift, System
20.Chicago Floatation Device, Higher, Chicago Floatation Device
21.Mike Gervais, Breaking Point, System
22.Swedish Naan Boys, Ejakulation, Sand Records,
23.Surgeon, Deep, Blueprint
24.De Niro, Kiruku, Obique Music,
25.Grad U, Extra Solar Moon, Red Scale
26.Endian and Trevino, Exotica, Birdie