John Shima ‎– Renegade EP (Distant Worlds) ‎

Reviewed By: Mihail P

And yet another fantastic release by John Shima! This time on a new label coming out of UK called Distant Worlds. The label is run by Paul Rimbaud aka Dj Kabij, a man who appreciates good electronic music. Because it is Distant Worlds first release, I would like to make a short introduction. Distant Worlds will be a vinyl only label with retro sci-fi artwork for each release by the talented artist Jesse Cafiero from San Francisco. Paul’s vision for the label is deep emotive techno with a hint to the 90s, but always looking to the future.


First on the record is A1 – Renegade, the leading track of the EP, or the one that got the name from the EP. John wrote this especially for the release, and it really shows what this label is about. John played this track already in some of his live gigs, it’s guaranteed that it will do much damage on the dance floor; a tasty weapon! The low end frequencies on this track are fantastic. The combination of toms and deep sounds that John uses really work well together. And this track is probably the most club oriented track of the whole EP. Usual John Shima dosage of perfect sound.


Second on the record is A2 – Machine Works, one of John’s not so recent works, but possibly one of his best tracks for me. The track opens with a nice clinging square bass line and distant metallic percussion. Then the track is further accompanied by a very melancholic sounding pad drifting from it background. John later adds some more nice rolling drums, and another synth which really sets the path for the rest of the track. John really went deep with this one. It reminds me of some post-apocalyptic scenes where people of the earth get what’s left and try to rebuild the world surrounding them. This track gives hope.



On the flip we have B1 – Veloc, a straight to the point, 4/4 track starting with a 909 kick and a really nice rimshot I think?, later developing and proving to be a really addictive track with it splendid pads, really nice synth work that carries the track almost until it’s end, but never gets boring. At the middle of the track, John drops this super nice bass line that really sets the tone for repeated listens of this record. At the last ¼ of the track, John introduces what it seems like another track in the same track, really clever. This part is my favorite, reminds me of AE – Nil with the same element of surprise. Impressive stuff from John.



We end the record with B2 – Troglodytic, a very deep track that grabs you from it’s start. John really knows how to capture that melancholic moment that really lacks in today’s techno. Fantastic ethereal pads, very nice percussion and drum programming, John really revives a lost forgotten elements of techno with his productions, this is a pure example of that! He can make every element and sound in his track sing with each other. This track reminds me of nature progressions, flowers blooming, the circle of life. Another classic from John Shima.



Overall this EP is about explaining the directions that this label is going to have in future, John being totally worth of the honor to be the first one to release, providing an EP that really explains this label’s musical concept, it’s ideas, and theory of sound that this label wants to put out and be recognized! Distant Worlds Transmission!