Koheziv Minds – Coalesce EP (Prisoner Of Sound Records)

Review by: Neil Martin

The second release on this new Birmingham imprint is a 4 track release of fresh underground electronics. The label is run by Nicky B or Nicky Nufftrip, a HOG resident and someone who has an excellent understanding of quality underground electronic music. This translates into a seriously great release.


Here we have two original tracks and two equally stellar remixes, one from Darren Nye and the other from Mihail P. It just seems that this release perfectly captures the current wave of UK artists and labels who are adopting a DIY approach to getting their music out there and also showcasing two genuinely talented producers who consistently deliver.


‘Living deep’ in its original mix is proper deep house, full of soul and feeling. Some lovely chords throughout create a warm and happy ambience that you will keep returning too. I have seen a reference to Blaze somewhere and if you want to get those keys just right I couldn’t think of a better influence.


The remix is courtesy of Darren Nye with his ‘Deep Techno’ version, who, as the title suggests shifts the tone slightly without losing the essence of the original. A warm bassline, electro beats and those chords, superb. Oh and did I mention the acid? Perfectly complimenting the track is some serious acid from about the half way mark. Two for two so far, let’s see what is on the flip.


‘Passages’ takes us into similar territory as ‘Living Deep’ with chords to lose yourself in. Whilst it may be called ‘Passages’ both tracks are journeys and you could easily enjoy these at home or in a club, well crafted music for the heads. Finally we have the remix by Mihail P who again takes things in a slightly more Techno direction. Here taking the chords and making them and the tune into something new and equally distinctive.


This is a label to watch, from this release alone it is clear that the depth and quality of the music are of equal importance and with this release also involving some of the best talent the UK currently has on remix duties you can be assured this is a future classic.