Leah Floyeurs – Leah With Sound 003 (Aug 2017)

1. “Closeness” Unfinished Portraits (Lobster Theremin)
2. “Karlim” Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape)
3. “Cyanide” Reptant (Tomahawk)
4. “Untitled” on Witchcraft – Reeko (Mental Disorder)
5. “Red Wet” Raw MT (Lobster Theremin)
6. “Yourself” Surgeon (Blueprint)
7. “Terrorfish” Taken (Skudge)
8. “Caje” Roman Poncet (Skryptöm Records)
9. “Carrier” – Far (Electric Deluxe)
10. “CEM Jam” Random XS (Djax-Up-Beats)
11. “Curves” J Velez (L.I.E.S)
12. “Placation” Inigo Kennedy (Skryptöm Records)
13. “Impatient (Cleric Remix)” Aiken (End of Dayz)
14. “Go See Ya” Kenny & Felix (Acacia Records)
15. “Stepback 2” Slam (Soma Quality Recordings)
16. “Untitled” Head Front Panel (HFP #009 White Label)
17. “MD2.3.1” MD2 (MD2)
18. “VHSK II” Inigo Kennedy (Token)
19. “Cubango” Jeff Mills (Purpose Maker)
20. “Untitled” Head Front Panel (HFP #010.5 White Label)
21. “Supremist” Exium (Planet Rhythm Records)
22. “My R-Class” Shed (Ostgut Ton)
23. “Retrovert (Claude Young Mix)” Ben Sims (Theory Recordings)
24. “Dirtro II (Robert Hood’s New Device Mix)” Ø [Phase] (Token)
25. “Portal of Salvation” Swedish Naan Boys (SAND)
26. “Thy Will Be Done” He/aT (Mord)
27. “Morpho” Marco Zenker (Ilian Tape)
28. “Enju” S Olbricht (Lobster Theramin)
29. “Counterpoint” Function (Ogstut Ton)
30. “Redbrook (Fred P Reshape)” Truss ( Prime Numbers)
31. “Interstate” Acid Jesus (Klang Elektronik)
32. “Solstice” Jon Hester (Dystopian)
33. “Bextar” Exium (PoleGroup)
34. “Mob 2” Exium & Gayle San (Nheoma)
35. “Mau Mau (The Spirit)” Suburban Knight (UR)
36. “Sun in the Night” Rote (BleeD)
37. “Desert Lament” 2562 (When In Doubt)
38. “Selector’s Roll” Jules Venturini (Brutaż)