Lyric – Nineteen/11:11 ( M-Plant M.PM 033)

Reviewed By: Roger/Roger

This week on Timeline we’re back at you with an artist whose DNA is encoded with techno. Lyric Hood is the name, and although this marks her solo debut, the young artist has been in the game; bringing great quality in producing, DJing, remixing, and appearing on M-Plant, as well as being one half of the amazing project, Floorplan- a dynamic duo shared with her father, founder of M-Plant, and the legendary professor from Tresor, Robert Hood; like father, like daughter, she seems to be right in line, in other words, by now you know it’s all good when it’s about the family they call the Hoods.

‘Nineteen/11:11’ is straight to the point, floor fuel for jets, and made to be played loud in the clubs or Real tech DJ sets. Here we get, 2 tracks, modern by Lyric’s own unique production with a nod to the great mid90s techno artifacts, that she surely grew up on. By the way, Nineteen was the partial name chosen for this EP as this was her age when Floorplan formed in 2016.

Lyric kicks her solo off house style with the pleasantly aggressive and clean ‘Nineteen’. The track opens up the floor with a stomping kick drum rhythm carried percussively by congas and well arranged skipping step in the drums, while the initial atmosphere is filled with computer bleeps and blips. A minimal sample stab filled with a lush yet blitzing synth string, and a faint guitar lick help create plenty of classic flair; it’s the type of sample that is filled with character that one might hear in a faster paced deep dub house track, yet still minimal enough to not give away its origin, or the groove that draws you into its zone, with its cold and lush tone.

From here the goodness from this Hoodess keeps rolling right along, no tricks or overproduction, just pure deep dancefloor destruction. As the track progresses don’t be afraid of the low frequency bass that comes in strong in the back of this track; its your friend helping you find where deep minimal house with techno influence is at. And here on ‘Nineteen’ this style makes itself quite welcome.

‘Nineteen’ is a fine track, and true continuation of the mid90s Detroit and Berlin nodding techno visionary; minimal, yet very effective and really made for the floor.

If you’re looking to kick off a faster paced deep or minimal set, ‘Nineteen’ is the perfect way to open the door. Nice work from Lyric that makes you want more.

And more, Lyric gives you next with ‘11:11’; a track with the tough as steel character of the city it represents. This time, it’s a motor throttling techno affair with plenty of deep flair, builds and peaks, the types of moments cherished by the dancefloor freaks. It starts off with aggressive and sharp ice tone stabs, layered by percussive tweaks and 909 cymbals that create mood and anticipation quite well for the kick drums that come in to devastate the floor next. The strong influence of pure techno is heavy on ‘11:11’. The elements are surely in tact; once the beatless introduction shifts we get driving 909 kick drums and cymbals and hats on the attack, while the melody is cold with just the right amount of tone to get the imagination going places bold.

Furthermore, moments of the track fluctuate and alternate in intensity with rhythms, as 909 hats and cymbals take the high velocity approach coming in and at other times fading and ride out. It’s also full of great effects- like zooming peaks and drops that bring the beat back in climatically for your euphoric emotions. A well placed, dark hum of atmosphere, is subtle and almost ever present for a nice touch as well. The driving rhythm and stomping bass lows continue throughout with these elements and never looks back; indeed more than a nod, but really a true purist techno track.

‘11:11’ is quite a satisfying techno track, and a much needed trip back- to a time where minimal meant pure and a canvas for imagination, and not “trapstep trance” glorification.

Lyric delivers on her debut release, with two tracks that represent what minimal house and real techno is about. These are the type of tracks meant to be played on big speakers and create kinesthetic moments on club nights and at home when the time is right. Another cool note is that ‘Nineteen/11:11’ is true techno straight from modern day Detroit, the city that first brought us the type of techno found here, and it also helps give this release a special presence, as many of the city’s originators sold out away from this style “for the finer things in life”.

Nevertheless, our ears are treated here to Real, pure floor stomping techno, with sharp minimal undertones making these tracks both hypnotic and strong. A nice statement of a way to drop a solo project for sure.

Lyric executes great style throughout her debut, as minimal dark tones perfectly play over driving box machine percussion and mighty stompers of 909 techno and kickdrum beats, moving you out of your seats and leaving you happily captive to the Motor City heat; we apologize to the weak, as this one is for the true techno freaks. Big respect and its intriguing for what Lyric will bring next.

Lyric’s solo debut will be out soon; so do yourself the favor of internal wealth, and make ‘Nineteen/11:11’ by Lyric essential for your DJ travel bags and anti-poser health. In the underground, we all love pure techno, so don’t feel alone, play this one everywhere from those cool clubs to when you’re just techin’ at home. It’s also available in all formats to ensure you know where it’s at. High salute to Lyric and M-Plant for this floor moving debut; meant for the floor and meant to be played loud, deep in those sets for the real crowd.