M-Twelve – Apocalypse in paradise EP (Electrix)

Review by: Neil Martin

Yes, some real heat on Electrix courtesy of label boss Billy Nasty at the helm, in partnership with Nick Dunton. Featuring two tracks, one complete with remixes from Sync 24 and Transparent Sound.


What we have here is an example of perfectly crafted, organic Electro.

‘All these things’ is a feast of beats and synth driven funk. Sounding quite like nothing else this is fresh to my ears and I like it. Basically this is just an orgy of electronic funk – Choice. Following this is ‘Time spent’ in its original form.


The funk filled decimation continues. Straight out of the UR book of electroid squelch, this is machine music at its finest. Straight after is the Sync 24 remix; now I am big fans of these dudes and they really don’t disappoint.


Taking the track and making it their own complete with some wicked acid but just the right amount of elements of the original. I can’t wait to play this out, this is filth. Finally we have the Transparent Sound remix, excited to hear it though it is going to be hard task given the calibre of the first three tracks.


Yeah right, who am I kidding? This is yet more wicked fresh electro business. Again, taking elements but creating their own track, featuring more acid and a really ace breakdown of sorts that just builds atmosphere into the track.


I can’t think of much to add, nor do I have the words. I was told this was some wicked electro and I have to doff my cap at these guys and their choice of remixers is nothing short of inspired. If you like Electro you need this record – Essential.