Magnonic Signals – Waves of Magnetism EP (Magnonic Signals 001)

Reviewed By: Neil Martin

Well, what a treat this is for me; two of my favourite people, Antonio Velaquez (Spin Fidelity) and Lee Wren Booth make the welcome step of launching their own imprint, Magnonic Signals. Now knowing these guys I know what a labour of love this is and their passion for pure electronics is as true as it gets. Here they are joining a host of other quality folks around the UK doing their own thing and making their mark on one the friendliest and wholesome scenes around.



This release features two tracks from Spin Fidelity and two from another up and coming star Mihail P. What you can expect are four tracks of lush, deftly created pure underground electronics. Having heard about the label collaboration I was understandably excited to hear the finished product, safe to say I was not surprised to find that all four tracks are put simply, ace.



Let’s get to it and get the first of Mihails’ tracks on, ‘Interface transmission’ starts of with a wicked bassline and chords. Inter spliced with more chords to lose yourself in, not quite acid but that way out. The beats are crisp and punchy and this works nicely. Deep and soulful, and those chords return and just make it funky. This is gorgeous music for home and the dance floor. ‘Circuit clout’ takes us into more electro territory with some nice beats and mood settings synth work. Yeah this is wicked, just so deep and fresh.



Next up is the first of Spin Fidelity’s tracks ‘Land of lost souls’ and the electro flavour continues with some almost eerie chords and then the acid drops. This is pure Spin music, I can just picture him smiling and enjoying the vibe as the tune is running through his machines. Later on we are nonchantly treated to some wicked Detroit flavoured chords making me move my shoulders as I type. Next up ‘Venus’ which takes the beats into heavier ghetto territory,


perfectly complimented by the warmest of bass lines. I love this from the off, once again the definitive Spin sound, dextrously programmed crunchy beats and bliss inducing synth work. This has a sort of Drexciya feel to it and their ‘Journey home’ sound. This is my pick of the EP and it has classic end of the night vibes coursing straight through it. This is the sort of track where the lights come on and no one notices as they are to busy dancing to the music with smiles on the faces. Well done my man, you deserve every success.



As first release go it is hard for me not to be biased, not really because they are mates but because I admire their collective passion for the music we all love and their courage the step out from the shadows and make this bold statement. Bringing Mihail on board is simply an awesome choice, who having made a number of quality releases across different styles on various labels, including the excellent Verdant Recordings delivers two cuts that sit perfectly with the labels aesthetic.



This is an all round excellent release of quality underground electronics that deserves all our support. If you like people like Derek Carr, Automatic Tasty, John Shima or Steven Rutter merged with some Detroit funk love then you need to check this. If you simply love proper underground electronics then I also urge you to check this.



Real heat from a label to watch and I am excited for 002.