Mattia Trani – The Hi Tech Mission: The Remixes (Pushmaster)

Reviewed By: Neil Martin:

Having missed the original release and having no idea who this I was somewhat intrigued to hear this remix package. A cursory Google search leaves me wondering just how I am not actually aware of someone so well versed in Detroit Techno.



With all ten tracks from the original release been handed over to a variety of producers it really is a feast of mostly up tempo dance floor Techno chaos. That said there are a couple of surprises for me including a wicked D’n’B track. However all tracks do fit in with the Detroit philosophy of rhythm and melody, regardless of how stripped back and tough the tune may actually be.


Ben Sims and DJ Rush open things up with mixes of ‘Future Funk Return’ and ‘Symphony of a Cosmic Goddess’ respectively.



As you would expect both deliver both in your ears and on the floor. Sims is complete with a funky break rumbling underneath as he does his thing, Rush, well as you would expect he has that whole Chi-town Techno vibe that just kind of fuses the funk, much like Derrick Carters Techno brother, pure soulful Techno vibes for those that like it hard, fast and funky.



Tom Linder then really takes us into the sound of Detroit with his mix of ‘Alien Pattern’ and these are ace, forward sounds. More mixes from Kwartz and Echoplex open the package up with some real depth and tempo variance. Head Front Panel remixes the title track ‘The Hi Tech Mission’ in some style, proper driving techno, really doing the original mix justice with its dark melodies.



Finally ‘Traffic to Traffic’ gets the Raffaele Attanasio treatment and this is a great piece of D’n’B and whilst it probably wouldn’t fit in a Techno set it perfectly at home on this package with its acidic vibe coursing through it.



Safe to say I am suitably impressed by this release with all ten cut making the grade for me and I would definitely spin these out. There is something really for everyone who likes fierce electronics.



What it also great is how I have discovered someone new and in the process some other artists too. I haven’t covered all the tracks as I really think I should leave something for you to also hopefully discover. And it is really good to think how safe the future of this music is in the hands of people so well educated on the fundamentals of what makes a proper Techno tune.



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