Mihail P – Endurance EP (Logos Recordings)

Reviewed By: Matt Sever.

Forthcoming on Logos Recordings – Mihail P – Endurance EP.

The relentlessly awesome Mihail P conjures up another slice of electronic sonic heaven in the form of the Endurance EP. Three tracks of beautiful, atmospheric, hypnotic techno, all packaged up and delivered to your ears via Logos Recordings.




I have had the pleasure of reviewing a few of Mihails releases now for Timeline, I am a huge fan. Not only is he a great producer but a real genuine nice guy too. All I will say here is please check him out, his back catalogue is incredible and his monthly show – Multiverse Sessions on Timeline, every 3rd Tuesday 8pm – 9:30pm.



Logos Recordings core concept is to bring the world fresh, genuine music from across the many genres within the electronic music world. On the scene since 2007, they have notched up over 50 releases and have support from a veritable who’s who of DJ’s and producers – UR, Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Josh Wink, Orlando Voorn – the list goes on, and on. Logos certainly delivers on this promise, a delve into their back catalogue shows diversity and quality.



Phalanx starts with shuffling percussion and atmospheric pads, it quickly adds a similarly shuffling analogue sounding bassline. This is four/four techno, upbeat, driving, but with a bit of funk and a lot of emotion. It builds and builds, layers and layers, programmed to perfection. A fantastic example of a genre defying piece of electronic music, riding the line between techno and house, analogue and digital, with a nod to past and a look to the future.



The Theme. This starts with a synth line, but very quickly gives way to a bassline that grooves up and down across 8 bars. Four/four again, and again surfing across genre lines. Another bass groove layers the first, percussion and pads weave in and out and through the sounds. Elements of techno, house and electro can be heard in this track. There are some great builds and drops here, nothing obvious or crude. Just another great piece of electronic music.



Soul in Captivity is the final track of the EP. This is the toughest cut, but not in a full-on way. A stomping four/four kick with bubbles of bass rising around the beats, the percussion sounds sharper on this, more machine like. Layers of beautiful organic sounding pads rise from behind this machine-like sonic structure. The title of this really makes sense to me as I sit here with my headphones on. The heavenly layers of beautiful pads rise out of the unforgiving harsh techno structure like a soul rising out of an electronic prison.



Three stunning slabs of machine music from Mr P again. He is on my list of ‘immediately buy anything by this person’ list. Shout out to Logos Recordings for continuing to release quality forward thinking music.