MIX: Leah Floyeurs – Leah with Sound 001 (Dec 2016)

1. “Misärens Högborg” by Dard Å Ranj Från Det Hebbershålska Samfundet (Northern Electronics)
2. “Amima Animus” by Eduardo de Calle (Cadenza)
3. “Plasma Nomad” by Lord of The Isles (ESP Institute)
4. “Clatter” by John Shima (Emotions Electric)
5. “Wisteria” by E.R.P (Down Low Music)
6. “Substellar Object” by Matti Turunen (Teal Recordings)
7. “Warp” by VC-118A (Tabernacle Records)
8. “Prismatic” by Mihail P (Verdant Recordings)
9. “Space Probes” by Shake, mixed by Sherard Ingram (Morphine Records)
10. “Double Thinking” by Jay Mond (Bu-mako Recordings)
11. “The Swamp” by Orlando Voorn (Rush Hour Recordings)
12. “Rodger Dodger” by Aubrey (Thema)
13. “Era” by Avion (Crossing)
14. “The Soft Bounce” by Daniel Avery (Phantasy Sound)
15. “Space 1993” by Stasis (Only One Music)
16. “The Fuck Up” by Juho Kahilainen (M_REC LTD)
17. “Dimmer Switch” by Bulb (Crimes Of The Future)
18. “Falling Up” by Theo Parrish/Carl Craig Remix (Third Ear)
19. “Free Energy” by Vimana (white label)
20. “The Dark Dance” by Patrice Scott/ ETA Mix)
21. “Gallery” by Ste Crosbie (Dark Arts)
22. “Red (El_Txef_A’s Black Blood Mix)” by Eduardo De La Calle (Forbidden Colours)
23. “Fast Breeder” by Suade (Adapted Vinyl)
24. “Deep Rift” by Phil E (Clk Divider)
25. “Kat” by Planetary Assault Systems (Mote-Evolver)
26. “Acid Bells (Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix) by Efdemin (Curle)
27. “Motion” by Marco Zenker (Ilian Tape)
28. “Dark Days” by Conforce (Delsin)
29. “Limite” by Mike Dehnert (Echochord Colour)
30. “Their Discontent” by London Modular Alliance (Brokntoys)
31. “Absence Of Matter (Hardfloor Remix)” by Morphology (Zyntax Motorcity)
32. “Sexx Edit (Jorge Zamacona Rework)” by Lubin (Tesuji)