Morphology – Mind Stealers EP (Cultivated Electronics)

Review by: Neil Martin
So, the ever superb Morphology make a welcome return to London based CE. As you might expect if you are even a passing fan of proper Electro this is another essential collection of expertly crafted dance floor fire. Three tracks from the Finnish duo and a remix from CE label boss, Sync 24.



For me Electro doesn’t get any better than these guys so this release is a timely one ahead of the upcoming performance next month at the first Scand of 2018. I am making the trip down so this serves as welcome real time view of just where these guys are at production wise. The mood is dark, crisp and full of funk.



The title track ‘ Mind Stealers’ sets things off in classic style, rolling breaks, acidic synths and a wicked robotic voice. This is the usual master class that develops through the track to add more chords and depth and just a touch of soulfulness, albeit that of an alien.



‘Fluid Dynamics’ is simply gorgeous electronics, definitely showing some love and respect for Drexciya but still sounding fresh. Again that depth and soul is very much present, this a definite future classic. On the flip of the 12” or just track three is the Sync 24 remix of ‘Mind Stealers’ and this is a proper roller.



Here Sync 24 does the original full justice with that equally distinctive sound that he has. Keeping the feel of it but injecting some great touches with an almost bleep bass line, hard to choose between this and the OG mix, usually a big fan of the latter but this is quality.



Finally closing out this latest release on CE is ‘Wages of Sin’ and the mood lightens slightly but there is no let up on the funk. Really this is just another dance floor bomb.



All in all yet another class release on Cultivated Electronics, a label that’s output is completely reflected in its name. Buy the release, grab a ticket for Scand and allow these experts of funk filled Electro manoeuvres move your mind and feet in equal measure.