Plant43 – Three Dimensions (CPU)

Reviewed by: Neil Martin

Plant 43 returns to the CPU imprint for a meeting of two of Electro music’s most celebrated champions. As you would expect this is a collection of wicked electronic music, totally uncompromising in its pursuit of that fabled ‘perfect beat’ and rhythms to behold and rejoice over.


Emile Facey has a real ability to transport you far away from your surroundings to just bask in his adventures in sound.


First up ‘Neon Vista’ is just an excursion in subtlety of pads and chords, a delightful opener but it also indicates that this is likely to be eight tracks of the real. Title track, ‘Three Dimensions’ is next up and this is proper heat from the off. Whereas we opened with some familiar Electro this takes it up a gear.

Emile injects more space into his sound and gives his machines a thorough work out. This is wicked and in some ways reminds me conversations I used to have with label boss CPSmith a long time ago about Prescription Records and how the rhythm was tied together by the beat. This is 25th century funk, the sort of soundtrack I would expect when travelling through sub-space. And considering everything I have just said the title could not be more apt. ‘Lo-res Dreams’ then takes us back to the 80’s, the 1980’s that is, but only to introduce this track, crisp beats and otherworldly synthesis enthral me.


Ooohhh, how dope are these sounds I am hearing? Yes, this is a future anthem for sure, the breakdown is sublime, quintessential electronics. ‘Disrupt and obey’, oh my word. Check. ‘Mono Sky Monolith’ is simply a pulsing trip of electronic excellence. ‘Orange Neon Display’ ahh, you know what this is pure fire, the whole album is simply wicked electronics, expertly and properly crafted by someone who lives and breaths the possibilities of this music we all love.


Two more tracks, ‘Check the Resolution’ and ‘Exoplanet Transmission’ see the tempo drop firstly then the beats abandoned altogether, whilst the machines are pushed to give us constant aural delight.


It doesn’t get any more real or proper in electronics than a Plant 43 release, though I do feel that even considering the extensive and rich back catalogue on offer this is surely one of his best. A master class, nothing less, so you know what to do – just buy it.