Reedale Rise – Luminous Air (Kondi Records)

Reviewed By: Neil Martin

So the first album arrives from the illustrious Reedale Rise. I use that word specifically to highlight how well he has established himself in the electronic underground for his releases and live performances. I have heard off a man that knows that Reedale has saved his best material for this release. So as a purveyor of his output and being part of the Sheffield collective LOOP that welcomed him openly for a fantastic live performance I was extremely excited to receive this album.


On first view it arrives on a stellar label, Kondi, that is fully engaged in the real. Reedale joins a somewhat heady list of artists on their roster, though to be fair is in like company. Both the roster and label influences. How can this not be amazing?


This features eleven tracks in total, all sharing the same trademark production excellence but also providing some enjoyable variety and giving an telling insight into some of Reedale’s influences. The opening track and also the album title ‘Luminous Air’ is quintessential Reedale Rise. Put simply, gorgeous electronics to fully immerse yourself in.

We hear lots about emotive techno; I don’t recall hearing much about emotive electro. This is just that, whilst others may provide a more abrasive interpretation of the sound, Reedale takes a more meandering approach, with superb results. ‘Astral Flex’ is more of the same, though a more Detroit flavoured bass line this time. Bliss. Skipping forward a few tracks, though the bits omitted are equally brilliant, sees me land on ‘Canopy of Light’.


Well, this has a kind of Broken Beat; Juan Atkins meets UKG style, with acid. Now trust me this is seriously sublime and in Reedale we trust. Again, skipping past some real beauties we reach the end of this fantastic collection of music. ‘Harbour’ is absolutely outstanding as a piece of music, emotive electro at its finest. The sort of music you are better experiencing and feeling than reading my description of.


In order to effectively summarise this release I think it is best described in the following way. We are living in a special time in terms of the quality and the breadth of electronics on offer. I feel as though I am surrounded by friends and peers who are all rightly gaining the appropriate recognition for their talent. Reedale Rise is one of these people; he makes music from the soul for the soul. And to be fair it moves butts in equal measure.
This is exactly the sort of organic, soul enriching talent we should all support.
You know what to do.