Reedale Rise – Pressure Drop EP (20:20 Vision)

Reviewed By: Roger Versey

20:20 Vision, a fine curator of electronic music for those who are unfamiliar, has added another amazing piece to its legacy; this time it’s the ever so colorful and soulful electro mechanics of the prolific Reedale Rise with Pressure Drop.



Following a successful 2018, that included his highly acclaimed Luminous Air lp, and recent gems on WhereWeMet, Spaecial and Subwax….Reedale Rise returns here with four tracks that showcase both his darker, and introspective side of electro, along with his distinct approach to fusing Detroit techno and electro that have awed the underground electro scene in recent times.



A dark tone is set initially to open the ep with Hydraulics; like a storm building steady but surely.



What’s in the forecast? Cybotron like, raw 808 snare workouts, golden era acid loops, tailed heavily with dark bass chords letting you know this is a serious affair, and dancefloors beware; in these waters movement must happen and it will, this is Hydraulics….



Movement through the waters leads to us find the mythical nature of Arkeme; imagine Detroit techno atmospherics in the vein of UR over intricate 808 drum patterns, and acid stabs…Ever persistent is a powerful, yet beautiful filtered chord carrying this track….you’ve heard of deep house, however it is here you will learn to know what deep electro is…



Sticking to the aquatic aesthetic of the ep, the title track, Pressure Drop is dual for both the floors and the mind. Taking a hybrid Miami meets Detroit approach to electrobass influence-it’s the keen attention to subtle details, along with soulful catchy synth highs that also make Pressure Drop very appealing for the home or the club venue…Check how the tracks drums are bathed in astral raindrops, or how beautiful synth chords almost magically appear and reappear in your ears during moments of this track; indeed very worthy of being the title track in a such a classy release.



By this point you’re in a state of pleasant bliss; a late night trip down memory lane to the concrete city of Detroit via Liverpool
….the closing track Naria. Of course with this bliss comes, dubbed out synths, claps, rimshots, and some of the richest bass you’ve heard since the 90s. Naria with its atmosphere, serves as a perfect culmination to this emotive 4 tracker; an ep in which RR shows us intensity, lush moods, introspection, and soul, with the basic foundation being electro.



It’s rare to find the dynamic quality and depth that the Pressure Drop ep possesses, on just a 4 track ep, but Reedale Rise delivers once again here like a seasoned heavyweight veteran champ.



Ultimately, Pressure Drop works both as a cohesive deep listen, or DJs looking for that special track in their life. Have some taste and class by adding this fine wine of an ep to your collection of eclectic vynl; your guests will appreciate that you did on those Friday nights when you drop this Pressure on them.