Reedale Rise – The Reasoning (Propersound Italy (PS004)

Reviewed By: Roger V.

Deep summer is here, so what a great time for proper deep dishes of electro and techno finely served with tasteful nods to the old school straight from Propersound Italy and Reedale Rise, the wonder of Liverpool. Of course we’re going to the deepside with this EP and review, but first here’s some info on the label and artist in case they are new to you.

Propersound Italy is a promising young label ran by a young, gifted producer and DJ Domenico Rosa (Imprints, Croisière Musique). In addition to being a cofounder of Imprints Records along with Riccardo, Rosa has at least 5 EPs that we know of under his own name; and can be described as clean and lush textured forms of electronic ranging from techno to breaks. He’s also hosted excellent mixes including one for XL8R. It’s highly recommended you check him out, as his musical production and taste in music is quite good.

Just barely touching 30, the young artist already runs/co-runs two labels. He’s curated magic in his very own Propersound label catalogue so far, and signs only point to more great musical moments in the future. Its plausible that Propersound is the platform for underground and upcoming artists that truly impress him and carve their own unique niche in electronic music. Releases so far have come in twos, almost like a mini-series or showcase that focus on a particular artist; eclectic and limited numbers, 150 white labels per release initially, with color prints coming later.

The first two back to back attacks came from the excellent Zug and for the latest series of two, we get the amazing Simon Keat aka Reedale Rise (Common Dreams, Where We Met, Spaecial, Hizou, Kondi, Frustrated Funk, Subwax E) who has been on fire for the last 4 years, with quality tracks, live sets and style on a Proper level of its own,dropping instant buy gems…check and see what we’re talking about; 10 EPs, an LP, memorable label appearances on Childhood Electronix, Assemble, and Geodesic. With every release, Reedale Rise has always brought the Quality, and there’s no slowing in sight.. so nice that many labels, including Propersound have sought his services twice.

Propersound and Reedale Rise recently laced us with The Searching EP, and it delivered mighty fine results for those seeking Proper electro with excellent 808 drum programming, and lush, spacey melodies. For PS004, Reedale Rise returns with 4 more tracks of dynamic style variations on display, as colorful music aesthetics shine throughout on his 10th ep ‘The Reasoning ’….A great title, for great music that captivates the listener with the reasoning of proper deep electro, and even some house flavor for your imagination buds to savor. It’s a little more on the raw edge in sound, adding to the underground charm as this vynl spins around. This is deep electronics, limited and only available to a few, and that leads us to the review.

Audio sailing is the perfect mode of travel going into the Reasoning EP, with the tropic dipped colors, 808 snares, rich bass and pads of ‘Bromeliad’. Like the tropical family of flower Bromeliad refers to, the track blooms in with a lively synth stab melody and a shuffling rich sub-bass pattern that both serve as the trichomes of this tracks groove. Next, drum hits drop in smooth, eventually transitioning into sharp 808 snares layered with claps, along with shimmering hats carrying plenty of snap. The track’s melody carries your mind on throughout as various jovial arpeggios of synth melodies rain like precipitation over the colorful surface of the track, allowing you to groove and relax. Also included are some nice tweaking of synths on the boards for your enriching audio reward.

There’s a laid back feel of rhythm to Bromeliad, with rich low frequency tones of bass in place of kicks, and it is carried perfectly by shuffling hats and medium paced snare hits. Surely this Bromeliad isn’t your average pineapple, it’s the organic version, blooming with a surplus of melody to take your senses into colorful blisses. Bromeliad starts this EP off with much class, going future places Reedale Rise style with a proper nod to the past. An excellent sense of vision is created here, and it has a memorable melody with character that dances over and highlights the canvas of the track. Bromeliad is a very enjoyable track, especially for more introspective and relaxed listens, but also works amazing to kick off a more laid back electro and techno set with vision.

Continue to follow the path of Reasoning and sail, with the next track ‘Light Trails’. Here we find ourselves in a moody, and sensual occasion with plenty of 808 electro persuasion, starting off with it’s cool textured electro snare and kick arrangement, and 808 claves dripping rhythm underneath. The bassline that follows has plenty of space, mood, and the deepest bass with a rolling nature, and gives the track a lot of flavor, cruising along perfectly arranged shuffling of 808 snares, punchy kicks, and rimshots.

The main chord melody is sensual,of the romantic nature, and taps into your ears over the bass to further delight your senses of audio taste. Also, Check for the high and free synths of mystique that cruise in the open space of the tracks atmosphere like lasers leaving trails of light from the pathways of this electro flight…Further throughout, you’ll be pleased how various synths conduct plenty of satisfying currents of melody that channel your more reflective side as you become lost in the deep vibes of Light Trails’ smooth attack with 808 electro rhythms gracefully working in back. Your receptors will pleasantly react as robotic like chirps create an ambience and groove of their own that is subtle and works perfectly in this mighty fine track.

Light Trails is a trip into your deep electro dreams; full of synth melodies that beam you blissfully into its world of 808 machines. A strong contender for ‘The Reasoning’ EPs best track, ‘Light Trails’ is a proper display of deep electro with hues reflecting moods, and superb quality of work by Reedale Rise; a track that takes your mind through the forest and to the skies with its cool electro, emotive synths, and sensual vibes.

Check Side B of ‘The Reasoning’ out and get even more, straight from the door with another nice electro banger made for the underground floor.

‘Miro’ sets the groove heavy for the first track on the Bside, with its head nodding and swinging electro beat; call it 808 electro with a drop of swing if you can imagine, and listen to what happens. A soulful and minimal melody introduces the track finely, and it’s the type that will make your head nod and shoulders move; and also carries a raw deep house sample like vibe that will serve as the soulful foundation of the tracks groove.

Like stairs the 808 snares come in soon to take you higher for a deep electro sound you desire. They also take a swinging stance that entice you to dance, alternating in the real between subtle hits and cool layering with 808 handclaps to give them that classic sharp snap. Tweaked out hats help drive rhythm, as the groove and melody continue their delightful rendezvous into electro with plenty of open space,swing and soul, to make your inner audio senses whole.

Envision and enjoy the warm synth highs that glide in and out with the tracks perfect peaks, and ascend further on top of sharp electro snare hits and colorful minimal melody, like painting pictures of sea birds landing on the beach. Indeed, with Miro your imagination can relax and make that reach.

Here on ‘Miro’, Reedale uses the soul and melody arrangements of a swinging deep house groove and delights us dropping these elements over electro 808 drum patterns, compelling you to bust a move.

Miro is another top quality track on ‘The Reasoning EP’; and it doesn’t take much reasoning to realize this after you place the needle down and enjoy the sound. The track is its own unique thing; electro with a swing, and represents the type of exclusive quality Reedale Rise brings. Excellence in a track; sorry, no fancy opinions posers, just facts….

The deep doesn’t let up any slack with the next track, ‘Motive’. Surely if your motive is to find a funky and colorful house track that takes you back, then this is where you need to be at. Hope you have your chest pads, as mighty center focused kicks boom on in building up the fun and get the layering treatment from snares with plenty of modulated clap; this creates a nice choppy sound for its style choice of classic house kickdrums. The elements of rhythm on Motive add an excellent touch of class as well, characterized with charm by subtle toms and electric ping pong accented cowbells going back and forth throughout the audio cells. Hats also have a nice presence in the beat of the track, shuffling and adding in a bit of swing at moments when 808 rimshots click and do their thing.

The bassline is deep, and packs a lot of sub power, and has a raw muted edge perfectly suited for those late night hours. Complimenting the bassline quite well is a colorful melody, low in sound frequency and surreal with plenty of color to give this track quite a fun feel. The melody has both mid90s UK Garage and Jungle influence, and peaks throughout its sequence alternating between higher and lower tones; What a cool melody it is, cruising the audio pathways into your dome. Likewise, the groove factor here is quite high, on a level of its own, with warm bass and cool echoing vocal loops to make you feel right at home. The atmosphere on Motive is still perfectly subtle, and allows for full sensual absorbing of rich low frequencies, modulated cowbells, tweaked synth effects, vocal samples, and its deep bass filled melody. Motive is a faster paced track, with some cool innovative elements in sound welds courtesy of the Blofeld.

Although ‘Motive’ nods to the past, it’s got a fresh sound, ear catching, machine grown and on a level of its own. It brings a dynamic quality to The Reasoning EP as well, as we get proper House here, a detour from the electro styles found on the rest of the EP. Motive is an ace track, one that you’ll always playback both in your memories and turntables, as Reedale Rise drops imagination on the track like fables. Motive is the real deal, and brings an amazing and very memorable end to this EP, and beautiful session of electro and house flavored seasoning that is ‘The Reasoning’.

Nevertheless, Propersound and Reedale Rise put together a damn good EP with ‘The Reasoning’. This label is one to watch for, and owner Domenic Rosa continues to realize great taste and vision through the gems found in Propersound catalogue and bring these moments to our homes and DJ sets. As much as the music is appreciated, so are labels like Propersound that have the kahunas to release real underground music without care from the masses blinded by thought control glasses. We should look forward with great intrigue to more from Propersound, as they bring the Real goods to town.

Reedale Rise aka Simon Keat is leading the way in the underground with signature colorful and deep electro with elements of soul, jungle, and deep house that nod to the mid90s. He has a special talent for flawlessly capturing these elements in his tracks, and creating his own top class vision of electro and more that catches your attention and never takes a step back.

That said, ‘The Reasoning EP’ is full of quality, and timeless moments. He delivers four amazing tracks here on ‘The Reasoning’,…it’s very cohesive in colorful aesthetics and story, but its unique variations of electro and a dose of jamming good house put every track on a level on their own category. Excellent, how this dynamic quality is spread across just 4 tracks, and it’s also another reason Reedale Rise keeps listeners coming back. This is his fourth solo EP release this year, and Simon Keat has once again delivered exclusive top quality for your mind and ears.

Play this one for the summer vibes while admiring the blue skies at home above your roof; The Reasoning is limited, just 150 copies to ensure that it gets to a good home, that is preferably safe and poser proof. Call your dealer up and order this exclusive cuisine for your next music routine; as you’ll surely nurture your electro soul with the excellent seasoning of ‘The Reasoning’ by the modern legend Reedale Rise on the machines.

Check out the lovely previews below and exciting mix from Reedale Rise, which also includes a few of these tracks:

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