Station Rose – Gunafa’s Children (Childhood Intelligence)

Reviewed by: Neil Martin

The veterans of 30 years in the scene from Vienna make another welcome appearance on cult underground imprint, Childhood Intelligence.


Six tracks in total spread across two sides on what will undoubtedly be serious heat. ‘Fragezeichen’ is definitely out there, as you would expect from this duo. Defying any real sort of classification in my mind, except maybe futuristic? Keeping the tempo slow, vocals come and go, along with a really fluid bass line.


‘Kinker 2’ moves into more familiar electronic territory with a particularly distinctive opening sequence. This builds the atmosphere nicely until the beats arrive to take us on a real trip of a tune, complete with a nice dose of squelch. And yet the duo seem to have a way of keeping things low key and laid back, something that I like.


‘Equivalent’ is more down tempo electronics, with the emphasis on the effects. More of that trippy, melancholy vibe on offer with some more vocals present. Moving to the flip and ‘Delusion’ once again picks up the pace with some brain twisting squelch, strings and some nice synth work, my pick of the bunch so far.


‘Sticker’ is more of the same plus some wonky beats. Finishing off this release is ‘Butterscotch’ which is yet another electronic orgy on the senses. This is really unique sounding, as with all the other tracks.


I hadn’t heard of these guys before and I have been quite impressed by this release. Somewhere between kitsch 80’s and Bladerunner with a really avant garde approach this is yet another excellent release by this cult duo on this cult label. Check.