Stephen Lopkin – Imitator EP (Distant Worlds)

Review by: Neil Martin.

Distant Worlds drops its fifth release in what is already a stellar catalogue. Joining the roster of underground stars is Stephen Lopkin, a producer who needs no introduction if you are a fan of raw yet sophisticated electronics. I could sit here and type numerous plaudits about him but as he generally keeps out of the limelight the best respect to me is to talk about his music.

Title track ‘Imitator’ Opens with a pulsing riff that quickly leads into some gorgeous forward Detroit influenced strings. Let’s be clear, this cat is no-ones imitator. Pure electronics for the mind and feet is the only thing on offer. So many influences can be heard in the music, but as I say influence.

‘The 45’ slows the tempo but the mood remains sub aquatic. Oh this is gorgeous, a great set opener or mid set direction changer. This is warm, deep and hugely rewarding. Proper techno that takes you far out into the universe, did I say gorgeous already? ‘DSK’ sees us off once more into Dance floor battle as Stephen grabs hold of our spirit and makes us dance and rejoice. Elements of Mayday are very apparent, but respectfully and freshly done.

These sounds are almost alien, proper, heads down techno for those that like to treat their limbic system to aesthetically nourishing electronic music. Closing out this stunning four track release is ‘Theme from distant worlds’ and rather unsurprisingly this is more deftly produced forward thinking head massaging, ass shaking class.

This is B12 grade electronics whilst remaining totally himself, Stephen Lopkin inspires me with his fresh take on the everything and listening to this now I am sure he had lots of fun making this release. He surely must have because I would. This is how it should be done, for the love, electronic exploration and most importantly following the jazz aesthetic.

Respect to Paul Rimbaud for his vision and constantly curating releases that will stand the test of time. But the most respect goes to Stephen Lopkin for sharing his musical vision and influences in such a forward, soul enriching manner.