TactiK – Entering Detroit EP (Abstract Dance)

Reviewed By: Matt Sever.

Forthcoming on Abstrakt Dance records a four track EP titled Entering Detroit EP by Spanish producer TactiK (Alex Brinken) with a remix of the title track by none other than the man himself Colin Dale.


Abstrakt Dance records originally came about in 1994 with the release of The Full Tilt EP by Dark Star. The label took the name from Colin’s seminal radio show. Incidentally the Abstrakt Dance radio show was simply pioneering, inspirational and legendary, it ran for 16 years and inspired generations; it spread the sound of the music we love far and wide. The label released another four tracks up to 2000, another release followed in 2013. In my not particularly grand DJ ‘career’ to date, I was fortunate enough to be on the same bill as Colin. Growing up Colin was a bit of a hero of mine and although they say ‘we should never meet our heroes’, I am glad I did, not only did he play an absolute blinder of a set, but he was a genuine, positive, enthusiastic and a true gent.


TactiK aka Alex Brinken hails originally from the Canary Islands. He has a few pseudonyms – Mr Cia, F.L.E.X, J.A.M. Phonk 808, and Izuran. His musical journey started in 1995 with a computer, some hardware synths and a sampler. 2001 was a turning point for Brinken, he moved to Barcelona, studied audio engineering and made his first serious steps into the scene. He has been an important member of the Spanish electronic dance music scene for more than 15 years and he currently runs Beatlabs a studio based in Barcelona that helps to introduce the younger generation to the art of making electronic music. In 2005 Brinken launched his own labels – Ahoren and BCNREC. A quick delve into Brinkens back catalogue and various aliases show a versatile producer that seemingly can turn his hand skilfully to any genre – techno, house, electro, drum and bass and more…


The title track starts with synth pads and deep rolling bassline, you can hear the Detroit influence. Percussion builds, the layers build, this has a real nice energy to it. Not cheesy, but positive, great for the dancefloor, I can see this being a good last track too. Brilliantly executed dancefloor techno.


Colin’s remix of the title track brings thing down a notch in terms of intensity, but not in terms of bringing the goods. This is EPIC, I love it. In my top five tracks that have passed my ears whilst reviewing for timeline. Things start simply with a four/four kick and some percussion a few off kilter noises, it builds with some shakers and then hits you with the bass line. When the bassline is brought out into the spotlight on this track it really grabs you. The percussion is hypnotic properly riding the track and helping you just get lost in the music. The builds and drops, the layers, the melody perfectly executed, it has a housey vibe but its techno, awesome.


The End of the Circle starts with an ominous bassline pattern, some swirling ethereal pads surround it, the percussion slowly builds as everything grows in intensity. I love tracks that don’t adhere to the current quick thrill formula. It takes a full two minutes before a kick comes in, a melody dances over the top of the ever evolving and building bassline and pads. A wicked acid line comes in about three quarters of the way through. Again, a fantastic example of expert programming in production.


Return is the toughest cut on the EP. Unforgiving pummelling almost breakbeat sounding groove smacks you square in the face/ears straight from the off. Chord stabs bounce in and around the relentless beat. Subtle builds, drops, changes throughout again show the deft hand of a man that knows what hes doing when it comes to a track and the dancefloor – simple and effective is actually very hard to do. I love this track, its no nonsense techno, brilliantly done, awesome for mixing with, great as a stand-alone, proper dancefloor fodder.


This is a fantastic return for Abstrakt Dance, a killer EP, from a wicked producer, with an amazing remix from the legend himself.

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