The Forgotten Man – Sky Birds of Ki EP (Noctu Recordings)

Reviewed By: Matt sever

London based, independant vinyl and digital label Noctu Recordings returns with its second release – Sky Birds of Ki EP by The Forgotten Man.

There is very little info out there about Noctu and The Forgotten Man, which is refreshing. I get the feeling they are more about letting their music do the talking rather than sharing what they had for breakfast and what they are wearing. They have already done some of that ‘talking’ with their first release NR001 – The Akashic EP, also by The Forgotten Man, a fantastic release well worth checking out.

Pulser certainly pulses, a huge synth line pulsates slowly, followed by another, followed by reserved percussion, that slowly builds until a solid four/four kick ties it all together. An acid sounding bassline comes in. It is as if it is talking to the Synths, following them up and down. Another synth led melody joins the conversation sprinkled over the top of the track. There’s a lovely breakdown and build, with great progression throughout.

Sky Birds of Ki starts with a rolling lo-fi, almost static like chatter, next is the acid bass that stabs and bounces up and down and in and out, and echoes around your mind. Beautiful clear percussion adds movement, and then the electro kick drops. A slightly slower pace than the A side. Lush synth chord stabs drip over the track, melodies come and go, pads rise and drop. Fantastic progression throughout, expertly programmed builds and drops, class track.

Beyond Sector 9 starts with no messing. This is the slowest track and perhaps my favourite of the three here. A straight simple yet effective heavy electro beat and percussion. Pads and rhythm section next. Dreamy, atmospheric pads flow around the structure of the beat, layers of melody, pads, stabs come and go. This has a hypnotic groove to it that I find irresistible, the relentless simple beat, the expertly programmed percussion that builds and drops the intensity subtly throughout.

Noctu Recordings proving that the label and The Forgotten Man are ones to keep tabs on. Three super quality cuts of house infused techno and electro. In my box for sure.