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Noumen - Apeiron (CPU)

Review: by twenty three OUT NOW on one of the most consistently awesome labels out there – Central Processing Unit. CPU appeared in 2012, since then it has been awarded love and respect from the likes of Resident Advisor, Bleep.com, Boiler Room, and Juno to name a few. The Sheffield based label has a back catalogue to die for, there are no ‘fillers’ here just high level quality throughout. Noumen, aka Andriy Vezdenko or Andrew Noumen, hails from Lviv, Ukraine. Noumen is an experimental electronic project from a man that is also a composer, sound researcher, artist, designer and performer. Noumen …Read More

30drop - The Time of Cruel Miracles (30drop Records)

Review by: twenty three  The enigmatic Barcelona based artist known as 30drop is due to release his album, The Time of Cruel Miracles, mid-march. It will be available as both a triple vinyl set and as digital download. ‘I did not know what achievements, what mockery, even what tortures awaited me. I knew nothing, and I persisted in the faith that the time of cruel miracles was not past.’ – Stanislaw Lem (Solaris, 1961). This paragraph from the novel Solaris is the starting point for the concept that this 30drop album has been built upon. The idea of the album is that it …Read More

HM505 – 505 Explorations (Third Ear)

Review by: Neil Martin A full length outing from Hakim Murphy is not something to be overlooked. Definitely someone who continues to push the boundaries of the sound that originated in the Windy city. Much in the same spirit as folks like Amir Alexander and Jamal Moss this is music as a way of life that encapsulates both that and also an escape from the very same thing. As with all great music like this there’s a story and background underpinning the release. Here the name is drawn from Hakims education and the way that it represents him surpassing his Bachelors degree …Read More

Paul Mac – Sunday Sessions Vol.1 (Stimulus Recordings)

Review by: Neil Martin Four tracks of a lazy Sunday experimenting from Paul Mac says the press release, I’d agree but have to say it’s a touch intense and slightly heavy affair too. This is the first in a series of planned releases giving an outlet for different styles. ‘Certain values’ opens with tough, crunching beats that really need a big system to be truly appreciated. With a real dubby sound this may have been made on a Sunday afternoon but it is best suited to a dark room and late night. ‘Bleeps are foundation’ provides a touch more light with a …Read More

Binny – Devil’s Orchestra EP (Tortured)

Review by: Neil Martin Binny drops a four (or five on digital) track release of firing techno funk. Tortured is Billy Nasty’s label so all the elements are here for a full scale sensory assault. The title track ‘Devil’s orchestra’ lives up to its name with a tight and intense sound that in a sense emulates the strings you would find in an orchestra, albeit one in the pit of hell. This is as you would expect the real thing when it comes to Techno. ‘Alternative methods’ keeps things pure with another solid rinse of the sound. Clearly influenced by Detroit yet …Read More

Various - Emerald City (Verdant Recordings)

Review by twenty three (www.verdantrecordings.bandcamp.com) Forthcoming on Verdant Recordings, a new label, Emerald City. A digital release via their Bandcamp page (address above). Originally released September 4, 2016 as limited and numbered lathe cut slabs of vinyl (101 of them). Each were stamped and included a 400gsm printed insert with "Emerald City" artwork by Sophie O'Leary. For me personally, I love when a label does this. So many labels pop up all the time these days, when someone makes the effort to get vinyl cut, put thought into the artwork, it shows a love for the music and the scene that you …Read More

Planetary Assault Systems - The Light Years Reworks (Mote-Evolver)

Review by twenty three Forthcoming on Mote-Evolver, a three vinyl, eleven track LP, featuring remixes from Planetary Assault Systems, Marcel Fengler, Function, Psyk, Ocatve One, K.S.P., Lucy, Steve Bicknell, and SLAM. Planetary Assault Systems, Luke Slaters most well-known alter ego, needs little introduction. Like the name, the music sounds like some sort of futuristic, sonic weapon. Unforgiving, unrelenting electronic warfare for the mind, it attacks your brain, worming its way in with its hypnotic almost funky undulating, layers, rhythms, stabs and bleeps. P.A.S. has been going for the best part of twenty years after first stepping out on Peacefrog records. This latest …Read More