Tm Shuffle Vuo Records (Ruutana By Night Broadcast) June 2019

Omar S : Twenty five (FXHE)
Kevin Arnemann : Heading North (Outlaw)
Studio Works : Four (7685)
Star_Dub: Dub#12 A2 (Star Dub)
Fen D’Arioto : Dub Structure (Synchrophone)
DEK : Summon (Ci~)
Roger Gerressen : Put That Record On (Irenic)
Ivano Tetelepta & Ben Micklewright : Jam ”O” Two (Rue De Plaisance)
Ivano Tetelepta & Benito Martino : Spider Walk (Mouche)
Soylent Green : G Krishna (Playhouse)
Jackson Lee : Three Mile Island (Mystical Disco)
Levon Vincent : B1 (Novel Sound)
Tm Shuffle : Afterhours (unreleased)
MD2 : MD2-6-1 (MD2)
Cryptik : Radiance (Figure)
Convextion : Crawling And Hungry (a.r.t.less)
Trevor Deep Jr : Floatin On A Silver Dust (Vuo records)
Fuse : Mantrac (Warp)
Maurizio : M4.5 (Maurizio)
Gradient : Landscape Two, Fluxion remix (Greyscale)
Yaleesa Hall x Malin Genie : Oganesson (Malin Genie)
Tm Shuffle : Nocturnal Dub (unreleased)
Boner M : Sudekiai Dub (Bonered)
Private Press : Untitled (Ziemia)
Another Channel feat Babe Roots : Money Run Things (Echocord)