Tom Dicicco – Sudden Move EP (DRED)

Reviewed By: Neil Martin
Tom Dicicco’s latest release is a heavy electronic affair, full of tough rhythms and deep melodies. Three tracks in all with quality underpinning each one.


‘Sudden move’ kicks things right off from the first bar, sort of Dub infused with warped beats. This is deep and a right adventure in sound. The whole track just continues to build as new sounds are introduced, drawing you to a heightened state of dance floor abandonment.


A tune guaranteed to stay in your mind long after your feet have stopped moving. ‘Ghetto palm’ keeps the emphasis firmly on rhythm whilst taking the vibe down low.


Again with a real dub infused freshness and sections reminiscent of Basic Channel – superb. ‘Particle Fever – John Osborn remix’ closes the EP and by now you know the drill, funk filled rhythmic electronic goodness.


Part way through some choice synth work lands and this is another corking track off a stellar release.


What I like about these tracks is the way they have been produced to be equally great either at home or on the dance floor.


There is a toughness that underpins them but equally a subtlety that you could lose yourself in regardless of location – firmly recommended.