Verdant Session with Andy Green w/ guest Jules & Cliff – October 2018

Andy (start)

Lord of the Isles /To & Fro
Grad_U /EV-3
G-Man /En avant
Eric Cloutier /Raxeira (Dozzy Remix)
SH2000 /Good News
Fudge Fingas /Mass X (Vakula Dub)
Anomaly /Tunnel Vision
John Heckle /Translate
Steve Moore /Panther Moderns
Globex /Inversia 2
Blue Closet /To The Ocean Floor
Life Recorder /True Moments

Jules (1h:20)

Kerri Chandler /Digital Love Affair
S Moreira /Expedition
Janeret /Evo
Rick Wade /Looseinger
Junction Chaos /Shade
Jules & Pete /August Rain
Ewan Jansen /??????
Junction Chaos /Electric Barry
Jules & Dave /Days like these
SLG /What Kind of People

Cliff (2h:45)

tracklist soon

Andy (3h:30)
Estrato Aurore /Craniofacial Archtecture
Rob Belleville /Rise n Shine
Sirko Müler /Efficacy (RV800 E Max Extrapolation)