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Detroit’s Filthiest: Accept No Substitute (Casa Voyager)

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Well, those who have known me longer than a minute know that I’m a die-hard fan of all things ghettotech, electro, Detroit – bass and everything in-between and what we have here, courtesy of the one and only Detroit’s Filthiest, is quite clearly a case of the in-between. For me, everything of musical relevance that’s ever been released has sat between the categories, an interstitial flavour that can’t quite be pigeonholed. There’re all of the above styles on display here with an added smattering of jungle/breakbeat, a deeply embedded soulful layer fiercely contrasted with hardcore horns and vicious, freestyle drum licks delivering a somewhat dissonantly harmonic (yep) package that you really should check.

‘Perception Of Reality’ is a dream of a track, jazzy keys overlain with anthemic old-school ‘call to action’ rave horns and melancholic piano and a swirling undercurrent of hip-hoppy loops that combine to form an uplifting, epic mashup of styles.

‘Hypnotized Musick’ is a proper ‘jump-up’ whirligig of sonic snippets, firmly in the DnB arena, with a powerful supporting whiff of electronic skulduggery and turntablist flourishes. A guaranteed party-starter.

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The ferociously old school funk of ‘Under My Spell’, devilishly propelled along by the weightiest of electro drum workouts and dragged at 1000kph into the stratosphere by some awesome, jazzy keys and lush, dreamy pads is another highlight of this release. Soul, funk and bass working out in equal measures with that bite all the way from the Detroit ghetto giving this some real teeth. The wobble on that bassline is gonna kill people. A++

Last and, of course, by no means least - ‘Song for Sultan’ closes up proceedings with probably my favourite cut (it’s hard to choose, honest!) on this 12”. Warm, rolling 808 percussion drives this juicy little number to the happiest of endings (pun intended). The prevalent tough, soulful vibe of this EP is maintained here, with some dope-ass keys and the obligatory, punchy stabs. Is it electro? Is it soul? Is it funk? Is it ghetto? All this and so much more, of the highest calibre.

This one was released this weekend, vinyl available here on Clone, and digital over here on Bandcamp – don't take my word for it – check it out yerselves!

Reviewed by: The Bearded Wonder