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Detroit's Filthiest - Fight to the Finish EP (Defrostatica Records)

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Detroit, constantly innovating and evolving – pushing the proverbial envelope, especially in relation to music. The “Motor City” sound can mean any number of things to many people, be it disco, soul, funk à la Motown, the pensive electronic futurism of Detroit techno pioneered by Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills and Derrick May et al., or the raw, ‘jump up’ energy of DJ Godfather and DJ Nasty and company from the realms of ghettotech/Detroit Bass/Electro – and that last classification is where this beast of a release stems from.

In fact, Detroit’s Filthiest is a pseudonym of none other than DJ Nasty himself – one of the pioneers of the aforementioned ghettotech sound/frenetic DJ style. I have to say, as a long-term fan of the sound and more specifically the DJ style this release shows a real progression in the sound – a move to the next level of the big-bass sound out of the Motor City, and I, for one, am sold.

“Get the Strap” is a typically energized affair, ferocious electro beats propelled along by a jit-jit-jittery, acidic lead synth and a warm funky bass line replete with an infectiously distinctive hook. This is some high-velocity, late-night action with a smattering of sleaze that would definitely make this fit into the category of ‘filth’ as the artist’s name would suggest – and this is exactly the kind of filth I like!

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“Secure the Bag”, comes laden with more of those powerhouse freestyle beats, intertwined with a floaty hook, worming its way in and out of percussive stabs and, wild, anxiety inducing lead synth. There really are only a limited number of ways to describe this big, big sound. With elements of jungle, breakbeat and techno layered in such a way as to produce something with such distinctive drive that it really needs to be heard to be understood.

The winner on this top-notch EP for this reviewer is “Failure to Launch”, with a wild lead that seems to be some kind of orchestral sample, sped up, filtered to oblivion and unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace. Awesome, explosive (literally, there appear to be bombs going off in there!) beats set something quite special in motion here. My only gripe, it’s too short!

Slowing things down a touch to finish off the EP is “Motor City Blues” which comes a close second in terms of favourite cuts on here. Here we can feel the more soulful side of the ghettotech sound, smooth horn sequences complement some dreamy piano riffs and suggestive vocal samples over some super tight drum composition.

This one is out in the next few days on both vinyl and digital formats and really should be checked out to witness the beauty of an artist in complete control of his sound and its evolution.

Big ups to Detroit’s Filthiest, long may the filth continue!

Reviewed by: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life