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Robert Hood (The Vision) - Toxin 12 EP (M-Plant)

BPO62 Label

So, it goes like this; when we first set up Timeline Music, a decade or so ago, we thought long and hard about the concepts that would drive both the site and the station. Even back then it was clear to us that artists were creating their own, personal visions of the future – leading to quite the variety of sonic visions of multiple, albeit subjective, futures. This is what interested (and still interests) us regarding music. This is what brought us to what would inevitably be both our strapline and our concept: to document sonic visions of futures, and futures passed - to play, push, and write about individual perspectives of the future in audio format – from the past and the present. This temporal perspective is, of course, in constant transition – hence our desire to both document and record it. The result is Timeline Music (yes, the name of our platform actually has meaning).

BPO62 Label

These tracks first saw the light of day way back in ‘92 and I’ll never forget the shivers it sent right up my spine, through my cerebral cortex and out through my speakers at the time. I felt I had a message from the 21st century vibrating in the palms of my hands, at the tips of my fingers, at the point of my stylus - resonating with the promise of what was to come.

The Vision is, of course, none other than the techno legend that is Robert Hood, under the almost obligatory pseudonym of the outfit that was/is Underground Resistance. Hood recorded under a few aliases at the time – Dr Kevorkian being one that, to me, is intrinsically connected to this release and his other work as The Vision; check this beauty out: Dr Kevorkian - Aftermath 1

BPO62 Label

What we have on this lovely slab of vinyl (or collection of 1s and 0s if you’re digital – no judgement, I’m 100% digital these days), is, for this reviewer, a collection of abstract slices of energizing, industrial tinged, cosmic blasts from out of the ever-revolving ball that constitutes time and space. The future is now, there is an unlimited number of futures running in parallel, this is as pure as they come.

Thundering drums, piercing hooks and machine funk power this atemporal release ever onward. I must have started 100+ sets with the epic, infectious (pun intended) rawness of “Virus-4-9K561" - it never let me down, not once. The sheer audacity of “H-Formula” delighted and surprised the hell out of 1000s of unsuspecting victims on the dancefloors of my DJing days. The jackhammer beats and the, not outside the box, but literally, where the f*ck is the box? - steampunk of “A-472.0” dragged many an unwitting participant screaming down the euphoric rabbit-hole of pre-millennial techno. “Dread” finishes this collection of slices of a lateral future off perfectly, with its swirling smorgasbord of mechanically flavoured effects, intergalactic funk and rigid, percussive framework.

Lovingly remastered by the one and only Thomas Heckmann, this sounds fresher than ever and I for one am ecstatic that another generation will get to taste this particular flavour of the future.

This one is out soon, around March 25 on both vinyl and digital formats.

Reviewed by: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life