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Annie Hall – Maruxania (20/20 Vision)

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I received the files minus a press release, just the label logo. Intrigued to check this out as 20/20 are releasing some of the choicest Electro music round. Annie Hall has released on a variety or other stellar labels including CPU so it is will surely be a quality release. A cursory listen and I have to say I like this; I like this a lot. Four cuts of electronic fusion, blurring the lines between styles in style.

Opening with the title track and energy is there from the off, crisp and effect laden well programmed beats lead us into off kilter bass line that is somewhere between Electro, IDM and D’n’B. Some further depth is added by the ethereal chords and this release is clearly getting to the good stuff with no delay.

‘Meiga’ is packed with emotion, more crisp beats, and vocals. Again, lines are being blurred as we are presented with Annie’s vision. There is a melodic feel with this, chord progressions to lose yourself in. There is an influence of ‘The other people place’ to my ears but it is subtle and nicely presented.

‘Bretema’ opens the B side and things take a slightly darker turn. The tempo moves faster, and we are in Stingray territory with firing beats and just class production, not as punchy but that kind of space he injects into his sound. Synth lines collide in unison, and it is three out of three so far.

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Finally, to close this release is ‘Sarabia’ come again with the D’n’B flavour I have to say but also IDM beats. This is such an interesting collection of sounds, just a unique aesthetic. A slower tempo and plenty of detail with each element. A fantastic way to close this out, quality from start to finish.

If you want something fresh that pushes things forward or enjoy a fusion of styles, then this is for you.

Top class production with an array of influences deftly produced – check.

Reviewed By: Neil Martin