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Hemissi - Primitive Atom LP (Axis)

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Fresh out on the inimitable, irresistible force that is Jeff Mills’ world-renowned label Axis Records, Hemessi delivers a striking, diverse set of audible-tension enhancers guaranteed to instill a sense of base unease and nervous energy in any and all who listen – and this, my friends, was clearly the objective with this release.

Ranging from cerebral neuron igniters to thunderous, primeval dancefloor destroyers this LP runs the full gamut of what, in the humble opinion of this reviewer, constitutes a lot of what is good in modern day techno. At once thoughtful and introspective whilst at the same time flying through the angry, rage fueled cosmos, replete with the profound and lonely, soul-searching possibilities that comprise its vast, empty spaces.

The distinctly anxiety inducing, frenetic chord sequences rise and fall in abundance while sucker punch basslines sonically violate your innards with glee, strata of decidedly intense ephemera flicker in and out of range with hints and suggestions of outside intelligence looking on from afar. This music is, and never was of this world and Hemessi takes this one step beyond.

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This LP has undoubtedly found the right home on Mills’ Axis, perfectly attuned to his outlook on audio events and complementing its existing catalogue in exemplary style. Fans will not be disappointed, and newcomers to the label forever changed.

Hemissi’s debut on Axis is a highly conceptualized tour de force, forged around science knowledge and fiction. Quite the journey, for both mind and body, not for the feint-hearted, nor the narrow-minded. More than recommended, this is essential. You would be mad not to.

Reviewed by: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life