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Blackploid - Strange Stars (CPU)

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**Forthcoming on Central Processing Unit – Blackploid presents Strange Stars.

Central Processing Unit needs no introduction. The Sheffield based label has over one hundred releases of essential electronic music under its belt.

Blackploid aka Martin Matiske is an interesting character. He started DJing at the age of 10 and then met DJ Hell. He DJ’d at the Gigolo Night in Munich at the Ultraschall in 1999 and by the age of 15 he had released his first single on the International Deejay Gigolos label a record titled Stars & Galaxy. Recently resurrecting his Blackploid moniker it sounds like we are in for lots of new music.

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The A side starts with Star Patrol. Driving, pulsing bass and synth lines dance around a solid four / four kick, it sounds like an 80’s sci fi chase scene soundtrack. Awesome dancefloor machine funk.

A2 Here we have a more traditional electro beat. Wormlike, shrill, morphing synth lines rise, quickly complimented with a falling bass synth pattern, strange electronic stabs, noises and fx are sprinkled throughout. Little bit Dopplereffekt reminiscent. Again, bouncy dancefloor machine funk.

On the flip we have The Unseen. This feels a bit slower, a bit more electro chug. This also has a slightly more ominous tone. Electro beat, relentless ear worm synth line burrows into your mind, a proper groove.

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Lastly, we have Light Corridor. This has an almost breaksy kick and snare. An acidic analogue sounding bassline weaves hypnotically throughout. Then differing synth melodies talk to each other like weird alien life forms communicating in some way. Electronic funk at its finest.

I absolutely LOVE this release, one of my favourites this year. All proper dancefloor grooves. I will be digging into everything MM has done. Continued top quality curation from the CPU crew.

Reviewed By: Matt Sever