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Carl Finlow – Desequence EP (20/20 Vision)

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Another day and another piece of pure electro fire from the 20/20 Vision label. This time it is the turn of a certain Carl Finlow who was part of the original fabric of things in the mid 90’s. An artist who has since gone on the establish himself as one of Electro music’s stars. Always someone with a first-class aesthetic and this is no different. Though anyone familiar with Carl’s output might and should be pleasantly surprised by the energy of this release.

Title track ‘Desequence’ absolutely tears it up, energy for days. Urgency, and an orgy of synths, this has the lot. This sounds fresh to my ears and is a joy to hear. Pure dancefloor Semtex for sure, once again reminding us why Carl is such an integral part of the scene, always pushing things forward.

‘Downstream’ does just that and drops the tempo but not that pure feel and freshness. This has the funk for sure and fits perfectly with the original 20/20 vision, the search for the perfect beat and droid noise to get your funkified freak on to.

‘Guttral’ is back to the uptempo vibe, and the sounds are once again super fresh. Put simply sat here writing this review having a full-on sofa rave. Simple as that.

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‘Wavefront’ closes out the ep. If I ever make music this dude is a sure-fire inspiration. Always pushing his sound, fearless and deftly put together. A real inspiration to anyone looking to make thar pure funk sound. A don. Just buy it, simple as that.

Reviewed By: Neil Martin