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Brad Peterson presents: Ancient Trees vs Skyscrapers - Cyclical forces of nature and man (Common Dreams)

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Common Dreams latest outing features work from Brad’s archives along with some new material very much in keeping with the label’s high quality electronic sound.

Four tracks that deftly create an emotive sense of wellbeing. I am not too familiar with Brad’s work so was looking forward to checking this release out. ‘Reality is rising’ atmospheric techno at its best, it has a real ethereal feel to it and some gorgeous pads. As an opener this is great, and this is high calibre electronics.

‘Quan synth’ is a solid piece of electro music and more excellent work on the synths. The beat has quite a unique sound to it as well. This really is so well produced and fresh sounding I think it is ace.

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‘Empty streets’ is more of that atmospheric techno sound, again so nicely done. Full of rhythm and fresh sounds this is subtly driving too. Closing the EP is ‘Infinite’ and this another winner, really liking the bassline on this as it seems to be moving around and more gorgeous chords and pads.

All in all, a fantastic release with four equally strong tracks on it. Fans of John Shima will love this, but it is fine body of work from a producer with his own unique signature.

Review by: Neil Martin