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Controlled Weirdness – In the shadows (Cultivated Electronics Ltd)

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The latest release on the CE sister label is courtesy of Controlled Weirdness, who as a true veteran of the scene brings something quite unique. This is a four-track collection of music mostly, of a steady tempo, full of character and with solid production.

‘Inside agitators’ is expertly executed proper droid funk. Crisp firing beats layered with sounds from another galaxy. This has the funk and then some.

‘Bleeker street’ is more of the same, uncompromising raw funk. With a name like Controlled Weirdness so accurately describing this sound. I love the sounds and the chord progressions on this. Just simply sublime.

Title track ‘In the shadows’ lifts the tempo for some seriously funky acid, dancefloor detonation for sure. A relentless jam, the same as all these tracks, expertly crafted to send a dancefloor wild. This sounds fresh to my ears, again the synth work seals it for me

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Finally, ‘Corona Acid’ is as the title suggests a choice piece of electro acid, those signature crisp drums combining with the acid lines to propel you to move. As this is a name that I am familiar with, but a sound I am not, this was a treat of an introduction.

Obviously, I had no idea of the time spent in the scene curating his sound to the polished sound of proper funk we are spoiled with here. Though knowing that it makes perfect sense why.

Taking familiar elements and making them something fresh takes talent and if you like your electro proper, underground, and drenched in influences without being too obvious, then this is for you. I know I will be rinsing this collection of tunes without hesitation.

Reviewed By: Neil Martin